“The Strays” Is Set To Released On Netflix

The Strays, Netflix’s upcoming psychological thriller, will debut on the streaming site on Wednesday, February 22, 2023 at 3 a.m. ET. The narrative follows a young woman who seems to be living an impeccable contemporary life. Her life, however, takes an unexpected turn when she meets a strange couple at an unusual time. Things get worse when her surroundings refuse to trust her. Ashley Madekwe plays the lead role in the film, with several others playing key supporting roles.

The Strays on Netflix: trailer, story and more information revealed.

Netflix released the official trailer for The Strays on January 26, 2023, providing a look at the terrifying scenarios that will happen in the new film. The trailer begins with a haunting background soundtrack and a narrator saying:

“Thank you for visiting our house.”

The video then shows many disturbing scenes with a boy and a woman that the protagonist Neve seems to meet often. It has a disturbing, almost surreal tone, which will appeal to lovers of atmospheric horror and psychological thrillers. According to Netflix’s Tudum, here’s a brief synopsis of the film:

“Does Neve have the ideal life? Or is it a perfect lie? In Nat Martello-British White’s social thriller The Strays, a woman’s carefully constructed upper-middle-class existence begins to crumble when two strangers come to town. White’s Martello directorial debut, starring Ashley Madekwe (Salem, The Umbrella Academy), delves into the interconnections between class identity and internalized racism.

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Viewers can anticipate a highly atmospheric psychological horror thriller that tackles some of the most intricate parts of the human psyche based on the official trailer and description. While the trailer lacks blood and violence, the effect depends on character, mood, and tone.

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Additional information about the cast and crew of The Strays.

Ashley Madekwe plays Neve, the main character of The Strays. Neve seems to meet a strange boy and a lady at various times, turning her life into a nightmare. To make matters worse, no one seems to accept her statements. The story is portrayed primarily from her point of view and her character determines the thematic themes of the film. Ashley Madekwe looks extremely excellent in the film’s trailer, clearly expressing the worry, terror and tension of her character without going overboard. The actress is expected to deliver a haunting performance.

Ashley Madekwe has appeared in several films and television shows, including Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Revenge, and Drop Dead Beautiful. Many additional performers, including Jorden Myrie as Marvin, Bukky Bakray as Abigail, Maria Almeida as Mary, Justin Salinger as Ian, Samuel Small as Sebastian and others, round out the supporting cast.

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Newcomer Nathaniel Martello-White wrote and directed the film. One Dollar, I Hate Suzie, Hard Boiled Sweets and Silent Night are just a few of White’s credits, playing Martello. Remember to tune in to Netflix on Wednesday, February 22, 2023 at 3 a.m. ET.

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