The students cheated through ChatGPT, how the cheating was caught, said Professor Dr

A professor at Furman University in North Carolina, USA was caught cheating on his students through chatgpty. Let’s find out how he did this.

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Recently, GPT Chat is still a controversial issue. The reason for this is also special, because this is the software that answers all questions. ChatGPT is actually a new computer software chatbot. This chatbot retrieves information quickly and provides written information on a variety of topics. For this reason, students are now using this software to cheat. However, many students in the US find it difficult to cheat through ChatGPT, because their professors have fallen for the trick and failed.

In fact, students in the past often brought cheats to cheat or copied through handwritten answers. But with the advent of new and smart devices, the form of fraud has also changed. A professor at Furman University in North Carolina, USA noticed some strange things in his students’ answer sheets. He soon learned that students were using ChatGPT to write their answers. Then he became worried about the future of professors and students.

What did the professor say?

Darren Hick, a philosophy professor at Furman University, said he was surprised when Facebook posted information about changes in children’s imitation methods, the New York Post reported. He said: “As soon as I reported the incident on Facebook, my colleagues said they also saw many students doing this.”

Professor Darren said last month he asked students to write a 500-word essay on two topics. He was asked to write an essay about 18th-century philosopher David Hume and the paradox of fear. Students must explain in their essays why people enjoy things that they normally fear.

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How to catch students cheating?

When students write their essays and submit them to their teachers, the real secret will be revealed. The professor looked at all the essays and then discovered that some were written by artificial intelligence. The professor suspected that some of these essays were written by ChatGPT, because no student could write so clearly.

Professor Darren said: ‘It’s written perfectly. This was easily known. He said that essays are written as if the author knows everything. He said, ‘When you ask someone to write an essay, you are asking them to write those essays as if they were written by AI. But students don’t start writing immediately when they pay attention to your words, they write everything in their own style.

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To convert his doubts into belief, the professor used a software that could read what was written by chatgpt. His suspicions were proven correct; when the essays were uploaded to the software, they matched 99.9%. That means these articles are written through ChatGPT.

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