The teenager admitted to punching random strangers in the park to gain influence on social networks

A teenager who admitted to punching random strangers in a Texas park for social media fame said he “just made a mistake.”

Social networks are one of the main ways people interact with the world today – but sometimes, it seems like using social apps can be somewhat addictive.

In fact, evidence suggests that receiving likes and follows on social platforms can trigger “the same reward centers in the brain that are activated by addiction to chemical compounds.”

Going viral on social media can lead to international recognition from users around the world, scoring one’s likes, follows, and attention… but not everything people do to This attention-grabbing is all positive.

For example, we covered a series of ‘pranks’ that happened here at Dexerto, with influencers hoping to gain views by creating over-the-top practical jokes that got them seriously injure them and even get them into legal trouble.

YouTube: WUSA9YouTuber Tanner Cook was famously shot earlier this year after a prank he pulled at a local shopping mall went wrong.

Now, another user has admitted to harming random strangers in the park to gain likes and attention online.

Young man “regrets” punching strangers to gain influence on social networks

Alford Lewis, 19, was filmed running up to at least two strangers in Houston’s Wortham Park, punching them in the head as they walked. The videos were shared locally through the Nextdoor app and quickly went viral.

The teenager said this was all part of a ruse to gain popularity online, claiming he later “shaken the man’s hand and hugged him” – a claim that has not been verified.

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However, Lewis said he regretted the stunt, saying he “made a mistake” and warned others about the dangers of pulling similar so-called ‘pranks’ on one’s own.

“I just made a mistake and everyone makes mistakes,” he told local news outlet KHOU 11. “…I really didn’t expect it to go to the left like that, you know.”

“Before you go out and do anything that you feel is bad or might look bad, make sure people know or don’t do it at all.”

As KHOU 11 reports, Lewis is now facing charges of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and assault.

This is just the latest “prank” to be criticized by netizens after rapper Ice-T’s son was caught cutting a woman’s hair during a Twitch livestream as part of a prank was not well received earlier this month.

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