The Voice audience revealed the reason they had to “move quickly” through Season 25

Published: 2024-03-31T02:11:32 ❘ Updated: 2024-03-31T02:11:43

The amount of sob stories on Season 25 of The Voice is starting to become too much for some viewers, to the point that they’re skipping episodes.

Season 25 of The Voice is underway and the judges are working hard to listen to the auditions and select their dream lineup.

Most viewers watch this series to listen to aspiring artists who could very well become the next Grammy winners.

And while fans are still watching the show for that reason, there’s one aspect of this season that is quickly being phased out.

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On March 26, The Voice viewers took to Reddit and expressed their disagreement with the amount of emotional storylines the contestants have had this season and how much attention they’ve received.

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“I need to be able to fast forward all the backstory, the useless stuff,” one fan wrote. It’s called “The Voice” not a sob story.”

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Another fan chimed in and wrote: “I had to fast forward through Dan and Shay and so many sob stories. I often watch performances and witty jokes. Now I fast forward a lot.”

“They should not use these sob stories to influence voters. Voting should only be based on talent,” an audience also commented.

This is the same criticism that has emerged from the current season of American Idol. If neither show listens to fan backlash and makes changes for future seasons (if renewed), they could both leave their loyal viewers behind. me.

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Speaking of backlash, The Voice fans are also complaining about fairly new judge Reba McEntire for her actions this season. Needless to say, the movie is impressing viewers.

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