The woman claimed she was fired for bringing a designer bag to work

A woman is going viral after claiming she was fired for bringing a Birkin bag to work… but not everyone believes she’s telling the whole story.

TikTok is a popular platform for employees to discuss their experiences at work, with quite a few having gone viral over the years thanks to their wild workplace stories.

For example, one woman sparked a major debate after claiming she was fired for being “too efficient,” while a DoorDash driver went viral on TikTok after being confronted by a customer got him fired for a bogus complaint.

Now, another worker is stirring up conversation on the app after claiming she was let go because of her penchant for expensive handbags. Laura Chouette A woman is going viral on TikTok after claiming her penchant for designer handbags got her into trouble at work.

Woman fired for wearing a Birkin bag – but viewers don’t believe it

TikTok user Esha Renee has uploaded a series of videos documenting her daily life as an office nurse, often showing off her Chanel and Louis Viutton purses.

However, she claims her chic style got her into trouble, saying in a video on February 24 that she was fired for wearing a Birkin bag to work.

Renee criticizes her previous employer for “discrimination,” specifically the “classism” inspired by her expensive accessories.

“I understand that Michigan is a voluntary state, but as I talked to my lawyer on the way home before posting that video, it is illegal to fire someone for wrongful discharge because of discrimination. France. And classism is a form of discrimination.”

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That’s not all; she also revealed that she is suing the company for “wrongful termination” and “hostile work environment” — but not everyone believes her.

Specifically, many commenters are questioning her ability to afford a Birkin with her 9-5 salary, with one asking: “How did you get on the list to buy your Birkin ? It’s a whole process, and it’s a minimum of $30K!”

“You have a Birkin and you have to work? Huh?” asked another.

Other viewers weren’t so sure that her fashion sense got her fired, while others pointed to the countless videos she shot constantly as a possible reason for her firing. .

“The office manager is here,” one user said. “You got fired for your TikTok. You don’t get paid to do schoolwork and watch cartoons. That is theft.”

Renee’s TikTok videos are now filled with comments speculating about how much money she supposedly makes and mocking her for videos showing off her supposed wealth.

This is just the latest viral TikTok fiasco involving designer brands after a Gucci employee was fired for revealing how fans could get free gifts from the label in 2019. last.

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