The woman was shocked when Hinge scheduled the couple’s therapy session as a first date

X user Luna Leia went viral on the app after sharing the crazy story of how one of her Hinge matches booked a couples therapy session for them as their first date .

X user luna_leia_ went viral on the app after sharing her Hinge dating story, which led her to go on her first date to a couples therapy session with someone she’d never met before .

Luna offered a wild scenario when she wrote that something she and a date could do together is “go to couples therapy and see how long it takes the therapist to realize that we don’t know each other,” an idea she learned from someone. other on social media.

Without thinking much about it, Luna quickly received notification that an appointment had been booked for an hour-long in-person session a few weeks later with a date from the app. The cost came to a whopping $170, which is quite a lot of money to spend on a first date.

But her date clearly saw the humor in the idea and decided it was worth the money for the unique experience.

Along with a screenshot of the booking confirmation, Luna’s date also wrote: “According to the records, your last name is Smith, you were born on April 1, 1999 and we have been together for 2 years now. See you there” with a winking face.

Luna shared a screenshot of the Hinge prompt as well as a screenshot of her chat with her date on X, in which she also wrote: “One of my Hint matches actually booked us a therapy session. will be back with an update on how it goes.”

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The tweet quickly went viral and people commented to express their thoughts. Some people in the responses seem to think this is terrible, because it’s wasting the time of a therapist who could give that space to a real couple.

But a real expert jumped into the responses to share their opinion on this charade. “As a marriage and family therapist, I find this funny,” says @NinjaNerd007. “I need to know how this goes… lmfao I really hope your therapist has a sense of humor.”

Thousands of readers are now eagerly awaiting updates on Luna’s treatment date, scheduled for September 24, 2023.

This is not the only Hinge story that has gone viral. Back in May 2023, a woman went viral after matching up with her former landlord on a dating app only to ask for her deposit back.

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