The woman’s ingenious trick at Starbucks always gets her coffee for free

A woman has revealed a Starbucks ordering “hack” that guarantees her free coffee every time.

From McDonalds to Starbucks, ingenious ways to make the most of everyone’s favorite fast food restaurants have a long history of becoming hits on the Internet.

Furthermore, some of TikTok’s most popular videos feature tips detailing how people can get food orders for cheaper.

One woman on this viral social media platform even shared how she can get free coffee from Starbucks every time she walks in.

Woman’s bold action shows how to get free Starbucks coffee

TikToker Jen Manly, whose profile is dedicated to teaching the latest tricks, uploaded a video showing off her Starbucks method for getting free coffee.

“This is my favorite ‘money-saving’ Starbucks hack,” Manly says.

She explains that you first need to sign up for a free membership with the popular coffee chain through their app.

“Starbucks has a free refill policy,” she said, before revealing that at participating stores, members can get a free refill of brewed coffee, including hot, iced or Cold Brew coffee , as well as tea.

However, according to Manly, refills can only be done during the same visit to a specific Starbucks branch, and if you leave in the meantime, the hack will no longer be possible.

“My favorite way to do this is to wait until I’m about to leave Starbucks to drink coffee for the rest of the day,” she says.

The comments section praised the creator, some felt too nervous to do it themselves.

“Oh my god I’m doing this!!!” One person said.

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Another said: “Like I totally get it but why am I so scared to ask for a refill?”

Another TikToker has gone viral after a mother shocked the internet with her ingenious hack of McDonald’s ice cream.

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