Thịt gà mái hay thịt gà mái ngon hơn?

Is chicken more comfortable or rooster? This is a question and also a topic of debate for many people, so what is the correct answer?

Chicken is very delicious and nutritious. In addition to albumin and fat, chicken also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

This is a high quality food that is easy for the human body to absorb and digest, but few people pay attention to choosing a rooster or hen so the meat will taste better. Really, this issue is a matter of choice of speech and pronunciation.

Is comfort chicken or rooster better?

Hen and rooster meat each has a different taste. The quality of chicken meat depends largely on its age, care, and husbandry in each region.

Chicken meat is more comfortable than rooster, especially for chickens that are comfortable. If the hen lays about 1-2 liters, the meat is still delicious. If the chicken makes noise, the meat will be tough, bland, and less delicious. If the hen is old, the meat must be simmered for a long time before it can be eaten.

Each type of rooster and hen meat has a different taste.

Usually, a chicken lining of about 1.8 – 2.5 kg/chicken is just right. If the chicken is under 1.8 kg, the chicken meat will easily become friable, too soft, and not delicious to eat.

Saddle chickens have firmer meat than hens, and when they are smooth, they will not be as soft as hens. But saddle chicken when preparing dishes such as stir-fried chicken with lemongrass and chili, chicken braised with bamboo shoots, roasted chicken with salt… is very delicious.

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Roosters that have been walking for a long time will also be very tough, no different from the meat of 4-5-pound laying hens.

However, in addition to serving the taste, roosters are also lavender offerings on death anniversaries and holidays. By doing that, everyone will be able to choose according to their preferences and needs. Free or steamed chicken will taste better than rooster. Leave the quiet mode for braised or stir-fried dishes, which will taste better than hens.

What effects do hens and roosters have on health?

According to general practitioner Bui Hong Minh, chicken meat is a medicine called millet humilia. Chicken is warm, sweet in taste, non-toxic, has the effect of improving health and supporting the treatment of various diseases. Oriental medicine depends on the type of chicken and the feather color of the chicken to use for each specific disease.

Red-feathered rooster

According to Oriental medicine, rooster meat with red feathers has the effect of replenishing the lungs, warming the stomach, and is good for people with weak vaginal discharge, people with pimples and ulcers that do not go away for a long time, and women with menorrhagia and bleeding. . .

Drum blank

White rooster meat is slightly sour, can cure fever, regulate the spleen, diuretic, eliminate toxic gas…

Black disk

Black saddle chicken meat is sweet, slightly warm, non-toxic, has the effect of replenishing the spleen, eliminating pain, treating rheumatism, numb limbs, very good for people with broken bones, people with strong hands, beaten meat. crush…

Chicken is nutritious and is considered by people to be quite a ‘healthy’ meat.

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White chicken

Dark chicken meat whitens the internal organs, laxatives, eliminates tuberculosis, helps treat jaundice, dysentery, and postpartum tuberculosis in women.

Black Black

Chicken meat is slightly sour, has the effect of calming the fetus, eliminating toxic gases, generating blood, especially good for people with rheumatism, abdominal pain, aching limbs, bones, and women with pimples.

The chicken comes back golden

Yellow hen meat helps replenish the five internal organs, supports yang energy, frequent urination, bloody stools… In particular, women who have just given birth eat yellow hen porridge, which is very nutritious.

Eyelid activation People who should not eat chicken

Chicken is a nutritious dish but not everyone should eat it. Here are the people who need to limit this dish.

Protected person

People with kidney stones should eat a lot of chicken. Chicken is a food that is very rich in protein, so it will create an increased amount of oxalate in the urine and form stones.

The liver is hardened

People with cirrhosis need to avoid some foods that can make the disease worse, typically chicken. This is a hot food so it will support low temperatures, making liver temperature symptoms worse and the disease condition will get worse.

Passive users, indigestion

If they eat chicken regularly, they may suffer from fertilizers.

People with arthritis

Arthritis is an increasingly common disease. The main treatment is still using drugs to treat arthritis. Besides, diet and exercise also provide a more effective treatment process.

New user spells

After surgery, eating chicken can easily lead to viscosity and pus in the wound, making the skin slow to heal and more susceptible to infection. In particular, wounds that are not cared for properly will easily leave keloid scars.

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The person being reflected

Just like the patient after the disease, people with chickenpox should eat chicken meat, especially the chicken skin because it is very dangerous in chickenpox streams and leaves seo after the disease is over.


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