Threads web app finally available two months after launch

Meta’s Twitter competitor, Threads, finally got a web app just two months after the platform launched, and it’s available now.

Launched on July 5, 2023, Threads, Meta’s Twitter rival, quickly amassed more than 100 million users on the integrated Instagram platform.

It lacked quite a few features at launch, although Meta was quick to add things like the often requested feed to follow.

Their latest major addition to the platform is a web app, which is finally available for users to enjoy.

The theme web app is finally available

To access the web app, visit the Existing Themes website. Instead of the “Get this app” QR code that Meta has provided on the website since July 5, you will encounter the platform’s login page.

Go through this process and the web page will refresh to show Threads’ new web interface. It’s pretty straightforward at the moment, but with the way they introduce new features, we can safely say it’s going to change quite a bit in the near future.

The site has different sections listed in the top center of the page with the Themes logo on the left.

At the top right of the screen, you will see two lines that allow you to switch between dark and light mode, and it also gives you the option to log out of the website.

You can also switch between algorithms and tracking feeds via a button in the lower left, but that’s for new web app features.

We’ll update you as Meta releases more features on the web, but for now, many people are excited to access the platform without using their phones.

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