TikToker gets angry and doesn’t understand why paper straws come with plastic cups

A man left his local barista and went on a rampage about using a paper straw to go with a plastic cup.

TikToker Tom Daddario has gone on an online rampage to expose coffee shops serving paper straws with plastic cups.

Although the paper straw craze has been around for about five years, when McDonald’s started offering paper straws instead of plastic straws in 2018, Daddario, who raved about the change in his sipping method, , asked a reasonable question, ‘Why give away paper straws if you’re still using plastic cups?’

Since posting his humorous incitement online, social media has weighed in on the topic and agreed with Daddario’s question.

Unsplash: social.cutTom Daddario questions why states ban plastic straws but ban plastic cups or lids.

The US bans the use of plastic straws and deploys the use of paper straws

Plastic pollution began increasing in the 1900s, causing damage to our ecosystem through the dumping of non-recyclable items into the ocean.

Not only that, globally, the world generates more than 400 million tons of plastic waste every year. But where does waste go if it doesn’t end up in the ocean?

Well, smaller plastic items like straws and bottle caps are often littered on the ground, leading some US states to completely ban the use of plastic in 2020.

Not all states have banned plastic, but places like New York, California and Oregon have done so, forcing fast-food restaurants and cafes to replace plastic straws with paper straws.

However, states that ban plastic still allow drinks to be served in plastic cups – albeit with a paper straw on the side.

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While this is a solid effort to restore the ecosystem, the nuance of paper straws and plastic cups prompted Daddario to take his opinion online, where he raved about the ratio of plastic to paper. 20:1” makes no sense.

In his video, Daddario can be heard saying: “I care about the planet, but guess what? This makes me angry!” Then he held up his paper straw and said, “This paper straw will break and cause your drink to be half-sucked halfway.”

He continued, “But what makes me crazy is that it comes in a plastic cup, with a plastic lid! This ratio should be 20:1! How about you give me a plastic straw and a paper cup, that way we can help the planet and I can enjoy my damn drink!

Since posting his rant on TikTok and Instagram, Daddario has received many people agreeing with him, as one viewer said: “All true!! I am completely disappointed that the lawmakers who came up with these paper straws did not think about eliminating plastic cups and lids.”

While others said, “This guy makes sense… he needs a podcast, lighting, and some editors — please,” as well as “100% agree with you.”

Although Daddario’s concerns are quite valid, the use of plastic straws in some states may continue because the plastic ban has not yet been lifted.

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