TikToker goes viral after being fired with a destructive revenge because the internet loves it

A woman went viral on TikTok after she took revenge on her former employees after they decided to fire her and the Internet is completely on her side.

While TikTok may have started life as a place for creators to share their work, today it has become a social media platform that covers almost every corner of the Internet.

There are many viral videos shared every day, with many users using the short-form video app to document their daily lives. That includes a lot of highs and lows, especially when it comes to work.

In some cases, TikTokers have used the app to anger their former employees after they were fired. One user even went viral when she made a Wes Anderson-style video of the moment she realized she had been let go.

A woman caused outrage when she broke her laptop after being fired from her job

Well, TikToker Lyss (LyssG717) isn’t getting artsy with her videos because she found out she quit her job after three years in mid-September.

Instead, she chose a more sinister path. Lyss decided to smash the laptop the company provided her and share that rage with the world. “POV: you’re watching how I react to being fired by a company that did $50 billion in revenue last year,” her caption read.

Her video has garnered over 700,000 views as of press time, and the Internet is very much on her side about the whole thing.

“Honestly, enjoy your break!!” one viewer commented. “Seems like a fair trade, hope your next chapter is amazing,” another added. “Watching this movie was so helpful, thank you so much,” said another.

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Other commenters filled the replies with similar stories of how they ‘borrowed’ devices when they were fired from their jobs and didn’t return them. Which, seems like a fair trade.

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