TikToker pranks parents by covering their kitchen in Nutella

TikToker Kaih Anderson pranked his parents by covering their entire kitchen in chocolate and the famous Nutella hazelnuts.

Kaih Anderson is a TikToker who regularly uses the platform to share videos of himself both blessing and pranking his family.

His movement is “supporting the sound of freedom” and he has received millions of views thanks to his funny and touching videos.

Although he previously went viral on TikTok for buying supercars and giving his mother lots of cash, his recent at-home prank garnered over 60 million views, because of his chocolate-covered prank. he makes viewers unbelievable.

Unsplash: victor serbanTokToker Kaih Anderson covered his parents’ entire kitchen in both plastic wrap and Nutella.

The TikToker wraps every kitchen appliance in plastic wrap before covering it all with Nutella

About a week ago, Anderson posted a video to TikTok showing him covering his parents’ kitchen with Nutella.

Although no Picasso, Anderson used a paintbrush to ensure that everything visible in the kitchen was covered in a layer of sweets – including the oven, microwave, walls, refrigerator, soap bottles near the sink and even the oil diffuser. placed very neatly by his mother on the pristine table top.

However, before covering his parents’ extremely clean kitchen with Nutella, Anderson covered everything with plastic wrap so the cleanup wasn’t as terrible as it seemed.

In one of the many videos he posted of a kitchen that looks like a chocolate lover’s dream, he captioned it, “I’ve always wanted a Nutella house.”

People who saw Anderson’s viral joke took to his TikTok comments section with skepticism about his dedication, saying, “There’s no way he could do that.”

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While another joked about his parents being angry over the mess: “Is there a part two – to confirm you’re still alive?!”

However, some viewers found the joke hilarious and said: “That’s the diffuser for me” as well as “The way my jaw dropped”.

Although Anderson has criticized his parents, he has yet to post a follow-up video of their reaction.

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