TikToker recommends cold dating method: “Low risk, extremely high reward”

One TikToker has claimed that the cold approach is always “more rewarding” when you want to jump into the dating pool.

With countless dating apps at our fingertips, modern dating sounds easy. After all, there must be some potential matches somewhere.

However, not everyone believes that dating apps are the right choice when looking for a partner.

One TikToker, who goes by ‘TheJaunt’ online, claims that the “cold approach” is a much more rewarding way of meeting someone.

“Today I randomly asked some girl for her phone number and it reminded me of the fact that [a] A cold approach is always more rewarding than online applications,” TheJaunt begins.

For anyone who doesn’t know what the cold approach entails, it simply means approaching a girl you don’t know with the intention of pursuing a romantic or sexual relationship.

According to TheJaunt, dating apps are “crushing” and “imperfect,” while the cold approach makes for a much more rewarding experience even if it ends in rejection.

“All I did was take five steps and say, ‘Sorry.’ But, like, I feel like a boss, I almost feel like a ballplayer. Because I know that 95% of other people don’t have the courage to do that,” TheJaunt said. “You’ll still feel proud of yourself for doing something a lot of other guys couldn’t do.”

Viewers supported TheJaunt’s dating, with many women finding the cold approach attractive; “I like when men cold approach – I respect that and I personally do it because it helps you become comfortable with rejection.”

Another said: “Every time a man approaches me respectfully and sincerely, I am stunned by their confidence! Just try it!”

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