TikToker says McDonald’s will “regret” the day they got rid of the snack wrap

One TikToker is saying that McDonald’s will “regret” the day they got rid of the snack wrap after taste-testing Burger King’s new chicken wrap. 

The McDonald’s snack wrap was one of the chain’s most popular menu items that was taken out of rotation.

Not only did McDonald’s take away one of the most talked about menu items, but they also didn’t make a new one to replace it.

Though some fast food fans are still waiting until the day that the snack wrap returns, others are finding their way into the Burger King drive-thru, as the restaurant just debuted a new and very similar chicken wrap.

TikTokers give Burger King’s new royal crispy wrap positive reviews 

McDonald’s got rid of the highly sought-out snack wrap in 2020 after it was detailed as too difficult to make.

Though it was added to the McDonald’s menu in 2006 as a healthier option for younger customers who wanted to snack on the go, analyst Jack Russo told Bloomberg in 2016 that customers didn’t take to the idea of cleaner eating, saying, “A lot of people who eat at restaurants aren’t interested in health and wellness. You’ve got to give the people what they want.”

It was also reported by multiple franchises that the process to make the delectable chicken, cheese, tortilla, and sauce wrap was too long and tedious for a fast-food restaurant to assemble in a fair time frame for customers.

Luckily, though, McDonald’s competitor, Burger King, has just released their own version of the snack wrap, leaving one TikToker named Katie to tell viewers in her now-viral video to “run” not walk, as her review for BK’s new royal crispy wrap has her saying that McDonald’s will “regret” the day they got rid of the popular menu item. 

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BK’s new royal crispy wrap is offered in three options: classic, spicy, and honey mustard. Katie, who ordered the classic wrap, took to her TikTok to further review the item, saying, “I got the classic one, and it was really good.”

Katie continued, “It wasn’t exactly like a snack wrap, but it was as close as you could probably get without it being a snack wrap.”

Those in her comments section were quick to share their own reviews, saying, “Only the honey mustard one is good!!!!!”

While another gave her own recommendation, saying, “Had one yesterday. Get the spicy one with ranch instead of royal sauce — 10/10.”

Others even shared their affinity for the McDonald’s snack wrap, saying, “The McSnack wrap was my entire reason for living.”

Though Burger King’s royal crispy wrap may never compare to McDonald’s snack wrap, the hype for the new alternative is real, as others even called the new chicken nibble “actual gas” and “fire.”

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