TikToker shares how to price match to save money at Target

One TikToker is sharing his price comparison tips to help fellow customers save some extra money on their next Target shopping trip.

TikTok is full of users sharing helpful tips, tricks, and hacks, and now an author and self-described “internet clown” has revealed how to cut costs at Target.

Devrie Donalson, who goes by the name ‘Devriebrynn’ on TikTok, used the social media app to share a helpful tip that helped her save “$5 on her shopping [her] Flonase.”

After all, as Devrie wrote in his video caption, “Target girls everywhere deserve to keep their money!”

“Target will be priced in line with other Targets, so what you do is go to Google and Google the cheapest Target in the country,” Devrie instructs. “Set that as your Home Goal.”

Then, when customers shop at the more expensive store, they simply look up the item they want to buy on the app and screenshot the cheaper price.

“Go to the register with someone who looks good and then you have to show them a screenshot from the Target app that shows a cheaper price than what they’re charging you,” Devrie says. “And Bada Bing Bada Boom, I just saved $5 on my Flonase.”

Devrie’s other videos show her frequenting Target, though her loyalty lies in helping other customers find good deals; “I have no respect for corporations. Nothing.”

“As a target employee, this is true,” one commenter wrote but warned that the process could be tedious as each item would need to be scanned individually.

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Another added some helpful advice; “They will also have the same price as Amazon, as long as the product is shipped and sold by Amazon and not some random seller. I once saved about $30 on headphones.”

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