TikToker shows off McDonald’s secret burger that only takes a few minutes a day

A TikToker just showed off a secret McDonald’s burger that’s only available for a few minutes a day, at least that’s the case in the United States.

Secret menu items in fast food chains have recently become popular again, especially as social media celebrities show off dishes you normally can’t get from the regular menu .

Maybe In-N-Out’s legendary Animal Style Fries or some crazy version of a Burger King burger for you to try. Secret menu items are often born from odd combinations of customers or restaurants that just want to use up prepared food.

And a TikToker has now shown off a secret item from McDonald’s that you can only get for a short time in the morning.

Tommy Winkler, known as The Food Guy on TikTok, introduced a McDonald’s burger that you can only buy at around 10:35 a.m., which is a short window of time for you to buy the dishes from both the breakfast and lunch menus.

Apparently, if you ask for a ‘McBrunch’ burger, you might get a burger with the standard sesame bun, two cheeseburger patties, bacon, nachos and eggs in there. A burger that combines ingredients specific to both menus.

“Pick me up here at 10:35 every morning,” Winkler’s caption cheekily read.

However, as shown in his video, you may end up confusing the employee when taking your order and Winkler has to talk to another employee to resolve the issue. So be prepared for some difficulties if you try to order it yourself.

However, ‘McBrunch’ is not exactly a unique burger. While it may be rare in America, it already exists in some form on Australian breakfast menus. Named the ‘Big Brekkie Burger’, it’s essentially the same burger, except a slice of cheese is replaced with barbecue sauce.

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So if you want to eat a ‘McBrunch’ every day like Winkler, you might want to move to Australia.

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