TikToker tricks fans into attending a fake Drake & The Weeknd concert

A TikToker put his graphic design skills to use by tricking Drake and The Weeknd fans into going to a free concert… only the concert didn’t exist.

There’s nothing like finding out your favorite artist is performing for free in your city… especially when it all turns out to be a complicated affair. A riot orchestrated by a daring TikToker: Jamie Lightfoot.

Known online as ‘jamisonlightfoot’, the graphic designer regularly plans elaborate pranks, from counterfeiting Barbie-branded pregnancy tests to planting trillium plants across the city. my street.

And his latest idea is to take things to the next level, attracting eager audiences to see a fake Drake and The Weeknd performance.

“I legally put up posters all over the city advertising Drake and The Weeknd’s free concert at Trinity Bellwoods Park,” Lightfoot said. “The only problem is that the concert is fake.”

In order for the concert to attract attention, Lightfoot “created the poster that was as OVO-coded as possible” including the exact dimensions, “cryptic aesthetic,” and even the company’s sponsors. ty. And the poster worked, with many people showing up for the occasion even though Lightfoot added a fine print and a disclaimer revealing that the concert wasn’t real.

Why did Lightfoot go to this length? The answer is simple; “I just want to watch the world burn.” However, not everyone believes this joke is real.

This is because Lightfoot has been known to deceive viewers in the past by using his graphic design skills to manipulate and edit videos. That’s right – a prank is a prank.

“It seems there are fewer people at Trinity Bellwoods than usual [to be honest],” one person pointed out, suggesting Lightfoot may have been filming a normal day at the park and not just any disappointed concertgoers.

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Another viewer, determined not to be fooled by Lightfoot’s helpful work, commented: “Okay, now what editing tricks did you use.”

If some sneaky CGI is to blame, Lightfoot will surely reveal his secret in a future video. But for now, we will have to wait and see. Check out all the latest entertainment news on our page here.

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