TikToker who enlists boyfriend to save money on bikini wax leaves internet divided

A TikToker is saving money by having her boyfriend fill in as her personal bikini waxer, but the internet is not fully on board.

Keeping up your appearance can be costly, especially when there is such a huge range of products and services offered for every possible body part; from nails to hair to skin.

In fact, a study commissioned by Groupon determined that women spent an average of $225,360 on maintaining their appearance. This is a considerable amount compared to men, who on average spend $175,680.

Now one TikToker has found a way to save money and avoid having to make monthly trips to her local salon. The secret? She enlists her boyfriend for all her bikini waxing needs.

Posting to TikTok, ‘Loeliki’ sparked debate after writing, “If your boyfriend doesn’t wax your hoo-ha every 4-5 weeks while you get drunk to numb the pain, you’re missing out and wasting money. Go buy that wax melter girl.”

“It’s a great bonding experience,” she added in the caption. But while Loeliki may be saving big time on money, not everyone in the comments was keen to be that intimate with their boyfriends.

“I could not trust him with this task,” one commented. Another said, “I love him but I didn’t trust him to do this.”

Others, however, were very excited to enlist their boyfriends for the task, with one writing, “I have all the supplies but where can I get an article or something to show him how to do it?”

For anyone diving into their wallets for a wax kit and messaging their boyfriends to organize a date, there are plenty of resources online to help you get started.

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Just don’t end up like this TikTok user, who commented; “I tried to have him do it for me until he spread wax the wrong way and in the biggest strip ever” (Let me just say… ouch!).

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