TikTokers rally in support of Hobby Lobby customers who reported a rude manager

A Hobby Lobby customer has revealed that she “might have gotten someone fired” after reporting a manager for being rude to one of their staff.

Working as a customer service representative may expose you to some uncomfortable situations at one time or another. Most commonly, those working in this industry encounter angry customers, with some studies estimating that 5 to 10% of customers are “difficult.”

However, being supervised or monitored by management can also be a major stressor. Especially when responsible people abuse their power to threaten and bully their employees.

Witnessing a rude manager at Hobby Lobby insult the cashier serving her, a woman took matters into her own hands and filed a report.

According to ‘isleof_anathema’ on TikTok, the woman shared how she went to Hobby Lobby to buy crafting materials, hoping to make a collar containing her deceased dog’s fur.

However, when she was served, Isleof_anathema noticed the cashier was “really quiet.” She said, “I thought ‘Is there something wrong with me?’, but a manager came.”

“She was ordering my items and thought she was done so she told me my total and then realized she left something out,” isleof_anathema continued, explaining that the cashier Ngan quickly corrected his mistake. However, the manager came up behind the cashier and said, “Where is your head?”

“To my surprise,” isleof_anathema did not hesitate to “jump into Hobby Lobby customer service” and file a complaint. Soon, a manager was identified and Hobby Lobby informed isleof_anathema that they would “contact them to make an appointment with the area manager.”

“Sorry dude but don’t talk to your staff that way,” she concluded, with commenters rushing to praise her quick thinking.

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“As a Hobby Lobby employee, I thank you for this,” one person wrote. Our staff are constantly disrespected and I hope that manager is gone now.”

Another said: “What you did was a blessing! I used to work at Hobby Lobby and my manager was the reason I dreaded my existence.”

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