TikToker’s strange home tour leaves viewers stunned: “My jaw has never been lower”

Viewers were stunned by the tour of the TikToker’s home, which includes strange features like “deep walls”, nail-cutting temples, etc.

The concept of uniqueness and whether it still exists is a hotly debated issue. However, one TikToker has come forward to prove that this concept is not dead yet.

Myra Magdalen is known online for her eccentric and unique fashion sense, and her style has been dubbed by viewers as maximalism on an “acid trip”.

Now, she’s giving fans a look inside her “very mojo dojo casa” with a jaw-dropping tour of the home.

The 25-year-old fashion influencer’s home certainly stands out from the crowd, with countless unexpected objects incorporated into the design of every wall, door and crevice.

Here are just some of the home’s most memorable features:

  • Two “keyboard walls”.
  • A “deep wall” above her office/sewing space.
  • A collection of photo frames featuring nail clippers (except one dedicated to Breaking Bad’s Walter White).
  • A gumball machine filled with pictures of Jimmy Neutron’s father.
  • A “soil inside” tub with an image of Jimmy Neutron’s father hidden underground.

Having attracted more than 757,000 followers on TikTok in recent months, Magdalen has left many audiences “literally obsessed” with her “fever dream home”.

“You are the best person alive,” one fan wrote. Another said: “You are healing something inside my inner child that I forgot was broken.”

Although it seems like Magdalen’s house isn’t everyone’s ideal; “This would make my heart pound with fear if I were there! But please respect making it your own space!

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