Top 5 most famous permanent bans on Twitch: Streamers with the most permanent bans

Twitch still reigns as the most popular live streaming platform. However, some of the biggest stars on the site are now banned from returning: here are the most famous permanent bans on Twitch.

Most bans on Twitch, usually for violating community guidelines, range from 24 hours, a few days, a week, or in the most severe cases, 30 days. However, there is one type of ban that any streamer fears: an indefinite suspension.

As the name suggests, there is no set end date for these bans, and while Twitch can lift the ban at any time, the ban is usually always considered permanent, with certain exceptions. It’s rare that these streamers are allowed back.

However, as of 2024, some of the biggest streamers to ever broadcast on Twitch are still suspended indefinitely and are unlikely to return. These are the most notorious Twitch bans that are said to be permanent.

5. MethodJosh

A popular World of Warcraft streamer, MethodJosh was permanently banned in 2019. Twitch did not reveal the reason behind his ban, as they rarely do so with any suspensions, to protect user privacy.

However, it was later revealed that in 2020, MethodJosh was accused by several women of inappropriate behavior, rape, and sexual misconduct.

4. Phantoml0rd

Twitch Phantoml0rd lawsuitYouTube: Phantoml0rdPhantoml0rd was banned from Twitch in 2016 when the platform began cracking down on gambling on the Counter-Strike outfit.

Phantoml0rd is a big name in the Twitch community, best known before the ban on CS:GO gambling content – this is also the cause of his decline. In 2016, he was permanently banned after it was revealed that Phantoml0rd was the undisclosed owner of the website he often promoted and played on.

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However, the ban became even more infamous due to the legal case that followed. Phantoml0rd sued Twitch for damages and won in 2021 – although he only won $20,000 in damages, not the $100 million he originally sued for.

3. Adin Ross

Adin Ross wears a black T-shirt while playing gamesAdin Ross

At the time of his permanent ban, Adin Ross was more popular than any other streamer on this list at their time. He attracts an average of over 60,000 viewers and is always a hot topic in the Twitch community.

In February 2023, Twitch suddenly ended things by issuing a permanent ban on Adin’s account. While Twitch initially did not reveal the reason, a Twitch spokesperson told Dexerto that the ban was due to his failure to moderate hate in his chat.

Adin moved to rival platform Kick following his ban, where he is currently the most viewed streamer.

2. Ice Poseidon

One of the great innovators on Twitch, Ice Poseidon is often credited with making IRL (In Real Life) streaming extremely popular on Twitch. Throughout 2016 and 2017, his channel was a hotbed for viral (and controversial) moments. However, this also created a toxic community, Poseidon later admitted.

Ice was banned in 2017 following an in-flight collision incident, after he shared which gate he was flying from. A viewer called in a bomb threat, leading to a police response and Ice being removed from the flight. As a result, Twitch permanently banned his channel because sharing information like this is clearly a safety risk.

1. The doctor is not respectful

dr-disrespect-reaction-youtube-banYouTube: DrDisRespect

No surprises here, the most infamous Twitch ban is the Dr Dispect ban. Before his ban, the self-proclaimed ‘face of Twitch’ was a bona fide streaming superstar and had just signed a new bumper deal with Twitch a few months earlier.

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The Doc was permanently banned from the platform in June 2020. The circumstances surrounding his ban remain a mystery, as neither Twitch nor Dr Dispect’s team have ever publicly confirmed the reason for his ban. This secrecy has led to continuous speculation and controversy surrounding the circumstances of his indefinite suspension.

Now, Dr Dispect streams on YouTube and is as popular as ever, but his massive Twitch community was permanently shut down in the blink of an eye and remains a controversial and controversial permanent ban. most attention to this day.

There are many other famous permanent Twitch bans, some of which have actually been lifted after a few years. But all five streamers are still not allowed to play on the Amazon-owned platform and may never be allowed to air.

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