Tracey Hinds- All About Macy Gray’s Ex-Husband

Tracey Hinds is a mortgage broker known as Macy Gray’s ex-husband. She is a songwriter, musician, record producer and actress, as well as an R&B and soul singer.

Who is Macy Gray’s ex-husband Tracey Hinds?

Tracey Hinds, the singer’s husband, is an African American who was born in the United States of America and holds American citizenship. When they were together, he worked as an American mortgage broker. But so far it is not known if he is still in that profession or has moved on to something else.

Apart from his country of birth, no other information is known about his background or early life. His date of birth, his parents, his education and everything else are unknown. Because his wife’s name was also not a popular name when they got married, no one was interested in knowing about them, resulting in a lack of information about him in the media.

Tracey Hinds marries Macy Gray

Hinds and his ex-wife Gray were married for only a few years. The former colleagues met in Los Angeles when Macy had just moved there from her hometown. When the singer was looking for work in her new city, she met the love of her life.

The former couple were madly in love and decided to get married in 1996 after dating for about two years. When they were just girlfriend and boyfriend, everything was going perfectly between them. However, after marriage, not everything remained the same.

Tracey and Macy began to have problems with each other, causing daily conflict and frustration in their relationship. As a result, husband and wife divorced in 1998, just a year before Macy released her first hit album. So what caused the couple’s marital relationship to end? Find out by reading the subtitle below!

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Tracey Hinds

Why did Tracey Hinds divorce his wife Macy Gray?

As we mentioned earlier, everything was perfect between the couple when they were just in a romantic relationship. But after getting married and having children, everything turned upside down. Being parents was not as easy as they expected and having two children to take care of was difficult.

Raising their children while struggling in their profession was difficult for them. Despite the difficulties, the couple persevered in the hope that things would improve in the future. Unfortunately, things between the two never improved.

Tracey and his ex-wife later divorced after a year of marriage, when she was pregnant with their third child. Anyway, her courtship officially ended in 1998. He then moved to Ohio to live with her mother because he had nowhere else to go with two small children next to her and another inside her.

Tracey has two daughters and a son

Although the marriage between husband and wife did not last long, they had three children during their marriage. On January 16, 1995, Tracey Hinds and his then-wife welcomed his first daughter, Aanisah Hinds. Tahmel Hinds, her second child, was born in December 1995 and Happy Hinds, her youngest daughter, was born on October 6, 1997.

The three children are now adults, graduated and settled in their professions. His daughter Aanisah studied Visual and Performing Arts before graduating in painting. Likewise, Tahmel is said to be a musician following in his mother’s footsteps, and Happy is the editor-in-chief of Happy Hinds magazine.

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Tracey Hinds Net Worth

Tracey’s net worth as of September 2023 is unknown because little is known about her career. However, as a mortgage broker, he could have made enough money for himself and his family, if he has one.

Meanwhile, his ex-wife Macy Gray is a billionaire with a total fortune of $12 million. She is wealthy enough to provide a luxurious lifestyle for her children and herself as a result of her ability to gain widespread recognition and fame.

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