Trực tiếp bóng đá U22 Indonesia vs U22 Đông Timor: Thẳng tiến bán kết

SEA Games 32 men’s football – Live report U22 Indonesia vs U22 East Timor in the 4th match, Group A of SEA Games men’s football.

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East Timor U22 goalkeeper went out but could not catch Gmail. It is possible that Fajar’s eruption sent the ball across the goal.


Mouzinho’s shot from another distance was easily caught by the U22 Indonesia goalkeeper. East Timor is responding.


Again, Witan Suleman has a chance for a delicious side. But the star’s vortex is deep Wearing the number 8 shirt did not win the East Timor U22 goalkeeper.

5′: NO

Witan Suleman decided to break through and shoot into the near corner. However, the forward move of the U22 Indonesian midfielder sent the ball vertically.




As expected, U22 Indonesia is showing the strength of the football team that won the highest group A at SEA Games 32. “Garuda” just made everyone pay attention with a 5-0 victory over Myanmar. A match where if U22 Indonesia played more determinedly, the result might not have stopped at 5 goals.

The last match East Timor also created an earthquake by defeating the Philippines with a score of 3-0. No one thought that the round of football considered the weakest in entertainment would have such impressive benefits. The 3 points obtained in that match helped East Timor U22 improve their chances of progressing, even though they were very slim.

U22 Indonesia’s attack is playing sublimely

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However, it seems that East Timor’s fairy tale will soon stop in this round when they have to clash with U22 Indonesia. It’s too difficult for this tiny team to create, so it’s surprising to see the experienced players playing on the U22 Indonesia side. A draw is also very unlikely.

With 3 points against East Timor, U22 Indonesia will definitely have a ticket to the semi-finals. Coach Indra Sjafri is unlikely to need to field his strongest squad to maintain strength for the matches. What U22 Indonesia needs to do now is probably to gradually start calculating for the upcoming semi-finals.

Where to watch U22 Indonesia vs U22 East Timor live?

  • Time: 4:00 p.m. May 7
  • Location: Olympic Stadium, Phnom Penh
  • Tournament: Round 4, Group A – SEA Games 32 men’s soccer
  • Broadcast live on: VTV5 Tay Nguyen, VTV2

Notable statistics before the match U22 Indonesia vs U22 East Timor

  • At SEA Games 31, U23 Indonesia defeated East Timor with a score of 4-1
  • U22 Indonesia has not lost to East Timor in all 5 recent encounters with a record of 4 wins and 1 draw.

Expected lineup of U22 Indonesia vs U22 East Timor

  • U22 Indonesia: Ernando, Ferarri, Rizky Ridho, Dewangga, Arhan, Marselino, Bagas, Taufany, Witan, Fajar, Sananta.
  • U22 Timor Leste: Georginho; Orcelio; Anizo; Cristevao; John; Mouzinho; Zenivio; Korneils; Olargar; Joao; Luis.

Predicted odds: U22 Indonesia 3-0 U22 East Timor

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