Twitch adds new moderation feature explaining why viewers are banned

Twitch is adding new moderation features that will allow streamers to show the exact reason why a user was banned from their channel.

As streaming channels get bigger, chat moderation becomes increasingly important because content creators need a way to control viewer behavior. And that includes reprimanding unruly people.

Traditionally, streamers have been able to completely ban users from sending messages in chat. From that point on, specific viewers can send unblock requests to the streamer or moderation team.

However, Twitch is looking to add a full ban feature as they have added a new tool that shows exactly why a channel was banned.

Announced on September 14, Twitch stated: “Streamers can now choose to share comments about the edit on their channel with the channels they are sharing information about the ban with, provide more context about why they banned certain users.”

For example, if a user is banned for saying a specific slur in channel one, if that channel is actively sharing the ban information with channel two, mods from channel one can share the comment to channel two mods about why the user was banned.

This, as Twitch describes, was added to make it easier to keep your community safe. Also included in the new moderation update is Shield Mode which will be integrated into the Mod View.

Shield Mode is a feature that allows streamers to instantly activate pre-installed safety settings on their channel to prevent hate messages from being spammed and instantly ban harassers. tangled.

With the new update, streamers can now moderate their channel from one page instead of having to navigate their chat to activate Shield Mode.

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