Twitch streamer almost vomited after finding trash in a KFC burger

An IRL Twitch streamer in Germany vomited after taking a bite of her KFC burger and leaving her mouth full of “garbage.”

Even though their specialty is food and not drama, KFC has been famous for making headlines over the years.

From workers throwing cups of water to fast food chains offering access to the Diablo 4 beta in exchange for a specific sandwich purchase, there were certainly plenty of notable moments.

However, their latest antics almost drove one IRL Twitch streamer crazy after she discovered “trash” in the burger she was halfway through eating.

Twitch streamer Hazu, who goes by ‘hazunats’ online, was attending Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany when he stopped to eat at a KFC. While livestreaming her dining experience, Hazu had to stop mid-way through eating her burger after she discovered a roll of paper in her food.

Pulling it out of his mouth, Hazu said, “I took the trash from the burger. Just give me a second. I’m trying to calm down here. Yes that’s true!”

“Trash” seemed to be a crumpled receipt, Hazu choked up after realizing what he almost ate.

“I thought it was revenge because I asked them to remake it,” Hazu said. However, when she asked to speak to the manager, he dismissed her claims and said it was “impossible”.

Hazu refused the manager’s offer of a new burger, instead telling viewers she would email KFC about the incident.

“I can’t believe it. I’m so upset,” Hazu said after leaving the restaurant, before realizing he had forgotten his jacket. Forced back into the store, the manager followed Hazu and continued to deny her claims until she was finally able to leave the restaurant.

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