Twitch streamer uses mind control to destroy Valorant and Halo enemies

A Twitch streamer, Perrikaryal, is using mind control to destroy enemies in Valorant and Halo, after defeating Elden Ring in a similar manner.

Back in April, Perrikaryal could become the only person in the world to beat Elden Rings hands-free use of mind control. Using a head-worn EEG, she carefully spent months completing the game.

Now, the psychology researcher and Twitch streamer is using the same EEG, along with an eye tracker for targeting, to legally kill enemies in Halo and Valorant using Use her mind.

As explained on her livestream, she has a gyroscope mounted on her head to move her character. The EEG worn on her head was responsible for the shooting. Whenever it records brain activity, it fires.

And now she’s trying out FPS games, now she needs to aim. Adding an eye tracker to allow her to aim means she can play Halo and Valorant hands-free, although the capabilities are limited.

And in the clips she posts, despite her extremely limited movement, aiming, and timing abilities, she’s still able to take down several streaming enemies using mind control legal mind.

Adding up her performances, she had four kills in Halo, four kills in Valorant, and five kills in Overwatch 2.

Despite this incredible achievement, Perrikaryal said there are still improvements that need to be made. Speaking to Kotaku, “There is still a lot of room for improvement and addition.”

“I still don’t have a full set of controllers working—only four controllers working.” [data] visualization, which means four working button keystrokes. In reality, I can really only have two to three running at a time; otherwise, the EEG will be confused”

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She said she wanted to create a “comprehensive hands-free controller (with all buttons and triggers accessible).” Revealed to Kotaku that she has been working with several labs and research groups to integrate other biological signals, such as blood pressure muscle contractions.

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