Twitch streamers are being trolled for mysterious million-dollar donations

Some famous Twitch streamers are receiving incredible donations worth millions of dollars. At least on the surface that’s the way it is thanks to a seemingly new vulnerability in the system.

Aside from the usual Twitch subscriptions, bits, and ad revenue, donations are the main source of revenue for streamers on the Amazon-backed platform. Due to their direct nature, there is no need to separate from Twitch, which benefits content creators more than any other method.

As a result, donations are generally appreciated by any streamer, although some recent examples have been really shaky. As a seemingly new problem emerges, some Twitch trolls are giving the impression that they are multi-millionaires.

Some celebrities like Forsen and LoL icon Jankos were surprised by the new issue on September 17. Both received a surprising amount of cash, even though it wasn’t exactly that.

36 minutes into the September 17 broadcast, Forsen’s latest Minecraft speedrunning attempt was interrupted. A user named ‘Furrsen’ signed up to join the streaming service with a donation of $999,999.99.

“Dude, what the hell. How did you do it?” Forsen questioned, taking a few minutes to check its legitimacy. Without falling for the trick for even a second, the streamer never seemed to believe that he had actually been deposit that kind of cash. Rather, his instinct was to investigate how it all happened.

“Obviously it was an error,” he said immediately afterward. “It’s just going to become a clown festival. [Twitch] should probably look into that, whatever it is. It wasn’t even a donation, he just overlooked it somehow. The first person to do it, support him.”

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So the exact nature of the exploit remains unclear, but Forsen wasn’t the only streamer targeted during the day. Many others also appear to have received large donations, although none have been proven authentic. These are all just Twitch warnings and not actual transactions.

While some of these donations came from anonymous accounts, others, like Furrsen mentioned above, appear to have been removed from the platform.

Twitch has yet to issue a statement on the matter. So for now, streamers will have to be cautious of some illegal donations making their way onto the list until the issue is resolved.

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