Two Holostars EN talents graduate from Hololive after unexplained suspension

Hololive Production has announced the graduation of two Holostars VTubers, Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper. This decision follows a prolonged hiatus that saw both talents sidelined for over a month.

On July 10, both Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper were mysteriously suspended with Hololive never providing an official explanation as to why.

Since then, neither of the HoloTempus members has streamed, produced content, or posted on their social media. Many fans had assumed there were internal issues but that these would eventually be solved.

However, that does not look to be the case, as both involved Vtubers are set to exit Hololive Production and Holostars EN.

Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper to graduate from Holostars English

Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper are graduating from Holostars English as confirmed by Hololive Production in an announcement posted on August 24.

The announcement opens: “We regret to announce that two members of the VTuber group HOLOSTARS English, Magni Dezmond and Noir Vesper, will be graduating on Thursday, August 31, 2023. Please understand that the members will not be performing any further activities such as graduation streams.”

The post confirmed that this was not Hololive’s decision: “However, In accordance with their wishes, we have accepted their decision to graduate. We deeply appreciate their contributions and wish them the best in their future endeavor.”

“To our fans and all those involved, we understand that this sudden graduation announcement following a prolonged hiatus might be quite unexpected and distressing,” Hololive noted before thanking fans for their “warm support.”

Neither Magni Dezmond nor Noir Vesper have commented on the graduation. Given that neither will be hosting graduation streams and situations like this are normally NDA protected, it is unlikely specific information regarding the graduations will be disclosed.

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