“Unreal” plane woman goes viral in response to SNL skit mocking her

Tiffany Gomas, the viral “bogus” plane lady, has responded after Saturday Night Live finally parodied her outburst.

Back in July, the Internet was obsessed with what Tiffany Gomas saw — well, at least she thought she saw — on a flight out of Dallas Fort Worth.

Gomas panicked, left her seat and announced to the rest of the cabin that she was sitting next to someone who wasn’t real. She was then removed from the plane and other footage began to emerge, including video of her telling officials that their flight was in danger. In the end, though, it all worked out.

For the longest time afterward, the Dallas native kept quiet about what happened. However, she started to open up a bit about things and showed off her now infamous outbursts.

Tiffany Gomas responds to her Saturday Night Live airport skit

She’s not the only one either. On November 18, Saturday Night Live had a skit parodying Gomas’ viral moment where they presented some of the cliches people might see while flying this holiday season.

In the SNL clip, Gomas isn’t mentioned by name but it’s clearly her, with everything from her outfit and her use of the line “not real” being completely accurate.

Apparently, with this parody becoming quite viral, it didn’t take long for it to get on her radar. “Wow, this is embarrassing,” Gomas said. However, she seemed to see the funny side of it as she used a number of laughing emojis in response.

A lot of viewers agreed with Gomas’ assessment of it and thought it was quite clever. Some even said she “finally made it” after being mocked on SNL. “This is amazing, she did it,” one person said. “This is an honor,” another added.

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As noted, Gomas is now quite open about her experience, revealing that she didn’t actually see anything on the plane.

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