Users unite as “Karen keyboard” goes viral with scathing review of airline

“Keyboard Karen” went viral on TikTok after a user filmed a man filling out a mid-flight feedback survey – and the Internet loved his answers.

Surveys, while useful for organizers, can be a pain to fill out. Especially when they force you.

This is what happened to a man on a plane who was seen expressing his disappointment with the survey by submitting it.

Wearing loud headphones and sunglasses, you can see he’s in airplane mode. Using a screen on the seat in front of him, he was seen filling out a survey on the train.

This is something that TikToker goinggonemadd found interesting and decided to use her phone to film and zoom in on what he was thinking about the flight.

“You served frozen vegetables. You even interrupted my movie twice to ask me to do a survey,” the man wrote.

Apparently other TikTok users found it hilarious too, racking up 2.8 million views with 304.8k likes.

The video uploader captioned it: “Survey *handshake emoji* Rang #guesstheairline.”

Viewers quickly turned to the comments section because, on a rare occasion, they actually agreed with Karen.

One person commented: “He said, ‘you keep asking for feedback so keep going!!’”

Another said: “the harsh survey of MID FLIGHT airlines is a mood.”

“WE LOVE KAREN KEYBOARD!!! That’s my mood,” a third person wrote.

A fourth TikToker commented: “He’s so real about it.”

This isn’t the only viral video to come from a recent flight. In July, a woman went viral after being filmed causing a stir on a flight and claiming that a man on the plane was “not real”.

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