Val Kilmer Tells His Life Story in the Upcoming Documentary ‘Val’

Val Kilmer is a film legend. From iconic roles like Jim Morrison in Oliver Stone’s The Doors, Batman in Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and Iceman in Tony Scott’s classic Top Gun, Kilmer has graced the big screen for decades. But now, after battling severe throat cancer for the past few years, he is finally ready to tell his own story.

Val is composed from over 40 years of Kilmer’s personal home videos. “I’m the first person I know who owns a video camera…” the actor says in the trailer for his upcoming documentary. He went on to talk about his battle with nasopharyngeal cancer, how he was “still recovering” and that it was hard to talk to and even harder to understand him. You can watch the film’s full trailer below:

Who is Val Kilmer? He is Batman. He is the Iceman. He is Jim Morrison. And he’s a lifelong filmmaker. Get reacquainted with the legend on August 6.

The film will include behind-the-scenes footage from some of his most iconic roles, including more footage of him as the charismatic Doc Holiday from the movie Tombstone, and if that doesn’t interest you. Excited, let’s watch some of Kilmer’s movies. other legendary films, including Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Saint, Heat, Deja Vu and Willow.

Val opens in theaters on July 23 and will be available on Amazon Prime on August 6.

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