Vanderpump Mansion season 1: Meet the stars

Published: 2024-04-01T17:50:42 ❘ Updated: 2024-04-01T20:31:47

Vanderpump Villa Season 1 has a staff of 12 people made up of individuals who have worked in the hospitality industry for many years. Here are all the details about the cast.

Although Vanderpump Villa Season 1 was filmed in the South of France, most of the staff were from the United States, where they learned the ethics that would eventually lead them to work for Lisa Vanderpump on the series Hulu’s new reality.

The twelve stars in the cast of Vanderpump Villa are a mix of both male and female staff. Among them are chefs, housekeepers, servers, mixologists, event coordinators and managers.

Although the staff wants to get into the party spirit, Lisa has strict rules they must adhere to, including no alcohol until guest accommodations are complete for the day.

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Sometimes, the employees clash, while other times they enjoy their time together – even if two of them are exes.

From one of the “best hosts” Las Vegas has ever seen to a man who just wants to make his mother proud, here is a list of the stars of Vanderpump Villa.

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Lisa Vanderpump

Instagram: vanderpumpvillaVanderpump Villa Owner

Known for leading the group on Vanderpump Rules, Lisa hopes to do the same with this dynamic new cast.

Andre Mitchell

AndreInstagram: vanderpumpvillaMixologist

Thanh Anthony

AnthonyInstagram: vanderpumpvillaExecutive Chef

Caroline Byl

sous chefInstagram: vanderpumpvillaSous Chef

Chauntel Hall “Telly”

TVInstagram: vanderpumpvillaMixologist

Emily Kovacs

EmilyInstagram: vanderpumpvillaButler

Grace Cottrell

gracefulInstagram: vanderpumpvillaButler

Hannah Fouch

HannahInstagram: server vanderpumpvilla

Stephen Alsvig

StephenInstagram: vanderpumpvillaEvent coordinator

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Marciano has brown hair

marcianoInstagram: main server vanderpumpvilla

Eric Funderwhite

EricInstagram: vanderpumpvillaChateau manager

Gabriella Sanon

gabriellaInstagram: vanderpumpvillaEvent coordinator

Priscilla Ferrari

priscillaInstagram: server vanderpumpvilla

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