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ContentsI. Outline Write a paragraph about the Mid-Autumn FestivalII. Sample essay Write a paragraph about the Mid-Autumn Festival1. Write a paragraph about the Mid-Autumn Festival, model number 1:2. Essay about Mid-Autumn Festival, model number 2:3. …

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7 sample essays Write a paragraph about the Mid-Autumn Festival

I. Outline Write a paragraph about the Mid-Autumn Festival

1. Opening paragraph

About Mid-Autumn Festival (Where does the Mid-Autumn Festival take place? (At home, at school?)

2. Body paragraph

– Mid-autumn night atmosphere+ Bustling, fun+ Drums, echoing songs

– Activities in the Mid-Autumn Festival:+ Lion dance+ Lantern procession+ Demolition

– Everyone’s mood: + Happy + excited

3. Ending

General impression:+ The most meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival+ Love the Mid-Autumn Festival in my hometown/school

II. Sample essay Write a paragraph about the Mid-Autumn Festival

1. Write a paragraph about the Mid-Autumn Festival, model number 1:

“Tung Trinh Trinh … Tung Tung Tung Trinh Trinh…” Just at night, everywhere was bustling with drums, music to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Everyone is excitedly waiting for the moment to process the lights and break the party. On stage, Uncle Cuoi and Ms. Hang laughed and talked to start the night. The children sequentially performed funny mid-autumn songs. We sat in a line, waving and singing along. In the dome of the sky, Mr. Moon was bright and round like a silver tray. Mid-Autumn Festival night, without him, it would be very sad. He seems to know, we children are happy, so he is getting higher and higher, pouring rays of light on the ground. The star lights in our hands are more beautiful thanks to the moonlight. A drum sounded to signal the lion dance was about to begin. The three unicorns wore red robes. The boys kept jumping up and twirling. We stood around watching and singing “Mid-Autumn Night with the moon lantern…”. We also ate a lot of sweets. It was my happiest Mid-Autumn Festival night. I hope autumn will come soon so that I can process the lights again and break the party.


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2. Essay about Mid-Autumn Festival, model number 2:

Once a year, the Mid-Autumn Festival lantern procession in my commune takes place at the commune’s stadium, which is very lively and lively.

On the evening of the fourteenth of the eighth lunar month, on a large yard, children in the commune line up in teams by hamlet. Each of you holds a bought or homemade lantern or a bamboo tube made into a torch. The organizers called the leader to the table to receive candy for his group. After the leader finished distributing the candies and cakes, there were a few musical performances of “Homegrown” in the large yard, the children clapped their hands to the beat, supporting the artists who did not have many years of experience in the commune. Next is the order to burn the candle. All the lanterns and torches are lit. At that time, the yard was beautiful and shimmering with hundreds of green, yellow, and red candles and the pink light of a torch made of bamboo tubes. The Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Procession begins with the song “Mid-Autumn Lantern Procession”. Children hold lanterns while singing “Mid-Autumn Festival…”. The procession of lanterns goes around the commune. The production team’s aunts and uncles and the Youth Union members accompanying the children all kept their ranks neat and orderly, both creating the beauty of the lantern procession and taking care of the fire prevention (because of the burning of candles and torches, must strengthen defense and watch over). Along the way, there are friends holding lanterns from the house and running to join the group of children who are “dragon snakes” carrying the lanterns. On the way back from the street, friends who are about to go to pick up the lights can separate the goods and go home. The moon was now high, round and shining with a clear golden light on the ground. The children’s troupe went and sang back to the starting place. The brothers and sisters of the union caught up with the song “Like there is Chung on the day of great victory”. At the end of the festival, we parted and left.

The lantern procession ceremony is a very happy activity for children in my commune and has become an indispensable practice in the Mid-Autumn Festival. I love my hometown and love the Mid-Autumn Festival in my hometown.

3. Tell me about the Mid-Autumn Festival in my hometown, model number 3:

The moonlit nights are very precious to us, but the most beautiful and precious is the full moon night, our festival.

Wow! It wasn’t even evening, but everywhere was bustling with children screaming and calling each other with the sound of drums and lion dances. I don’t know how the other neighborhoods are, but my neighborhood is like a big festival. In the middle of the yard, a group of children gathered in a wide circle. They sing, dance, clap their hands and look so funny! A child raised his hand to the sky and waved as if he wanted to hold the moon in his lap. After dancing, the children scattered for a while and then returned with many colorful lanterns in their hands. They lined up in a row and walked away, singing loudly: In the Mid-Autumn Festival, I carried the lights to go out…

The lanterns danced in the night as if they wanted to break off the rope to fly to the sky with the moon. The city was filled with shimmering silver light along with the children’s shouts. After playing the lantern procession, we held a party. People set up the feast and then lit the lights to look at each other and smile happily. The candies are like dancing in the tray, they must also want to play the mid-autumn festival! Everyone was chatting happily when suddenly there was a pounding drum sound:

– Tung! Tung! Cuc! Cuc! Tung! Tung!

Just like that, the sound of drums ringing from house to house woke up the children who were being tempted by candy to run out. Moments later, everyone joined in a long, boisterous tail. Right in the middle of the yard, the lion dance team is performing. The “lion” head is always swaying to the beat of the drum, and its agile feet dance ingeniously. The body of the “lion” curving so skillfully that it was unexpected that under that majestic body was a small child. But the character that people are most interested in is “the old man”. The bulky body moved heavily in the baggy ao dai with the big belly. His hand was always fanning the people around. He ran around the yard. Occasionally, he would roll on his back and make everyone laugh. Wow! Happy.

Looking at the scene of children dancing and singing under the wonderful full moon, I remember the merits of Ho, I remember his love for us:

Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon is bright like a mirror. Ho admires the scenery and misses the children

4. Telling about the Mid-Autumn Festival, model number 4:

Every year, every August 15 is the Mid-Autumn Festival. On that day, children in my village were very excited to wear beautiful clothes, hold toys and join them to celebrate Children’s New Year.

Before the festival, my mother went to the market to prepare a beautiful star lamp for me. At exactly 7 o’clock in the evening, when my friends called outside the gate, I asked my parents’ permission to join the stream of people, holding a bright light in my hand to carry the light. Our route will go from the end of the village to the communal house. Leading the army were young men and women. Each brother and sister will bring a drum to play each song in harmony. Then there is a sister who will make us sing many different children’s songs. At the end of the group, there will be some adults following their children, then going to the communal house to break the feast. Initially, the group will be divided into 2 rows, but after a while, the friends rushed to come closer together to talk, laugh and have fun.

When reaching the communal house, a tray of five fruits, confectionery and fruit plates were already displayed. We quickly sat at each stable table. The village secretary will be the host, Uncle Cuoi and Hang will appear and give us gifts. When starting to break the deck, the musical performances also started. Interspersed are strange games arranged by the brothers and sisters in advance. We had fun playing together and returned home when the moon was high.

Every year the festival leaves me with unforgettable memories. The different emotions when going through each year is when I become more mature, more thoughtful. Those are the happy notes in my childhood music.

5. Write a paragraph about the Mid-Autumn Festival night, model number 5:

The full moon of August, in my hometown, is very beautiful, the moon is big and round, bright and bright, the light yellow color of the moonlight shines on the ground, making everything seem to be inlaid with gold. The air is strangely cool tonight, with occasional gentle breezes blowing with it an extraordinary fragrance, is it the smell of cake, the smell of flowers or the smell of fullness, fullness? We look forward to this day very much, just want to come back from school quickly so that we can dress up nicely and carry the lights. At 7 o’clock in the evening, I heard the bustling music “Tung Dinh Dinh … Tung Tung Tung Dinh Dinh”, the legendary song of my childhood, I and my friends in the village, hurriedly rushed to the village’s cultural house, hand in hand. Everyone carries a lantern of all shapes and colors, be it a star, a fish, or a lantern, some of you carry a battery-powered lamp that emits music and flashes at the same time. looks very nice. When we got there, we sat down in a row, watched a few musical performances prepared by the neighborhood, and then went up to receive the reward, even though it was only a notebook, a pen, with a few cakes, candy, but we feel very happy. looking forward to the lantern procession, the whole group followed each other carrying lights around the neighborhood, singing while walking “Mid-Autumn Festival carries the lights to play, I carry the lights around the streets” the atmosphere was lively and happy. how.

6. Write a paragraph about Mid-Autumn Festival night, model number 6:

Tonight is another Mid-Autumn Festival night, early on, my mother prepared a tray of five fruits including bananas, grapefruits, apples, tangerines, persimmons, and watermelons that were carefully trimmed, beautifully trimmed, and at dusk, my mother gave me the five trays. fruits and moon cakes on the altar to burn incense. I asked my mother’s permission to go with my friends in the neighborhood to process the lanterns, my lantern is a star-shaped lamp decorated with beautiful stained glass paper, in the bustling music we sang the song “Land Procession” together. Mid-Autumn”. The moon today is so round and beautiful, looking from afar it looks like a big golden rice cake, the light yellow moon shining down makes the lanterns shimmering and brighter. At the end of the village, there was a lion dance team to perform, two iridescent yellow lions were trying their best to dance to the beat of the drum, we lined up in a circle while watching and clapping to the beat of the drum, the atmosphere was lively. After receiving the lights, we rushed home to break the feast, my mother lowered the tray of five fruits, my father used a knife to cut two cakes, one was a flexible cake, the other was a mixed filling, I brought it on a plate of melon seeds. , with a plate of ginger jam. The whole family sat together and ate cake while listening to my father tell me about the Mid-Autumn Festival when my parents were young. This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is very happy, I hope that in the years to come, my family will always have warm reunion holidays like this.

7. Write a paragraph about Mid-Autumn Festival, model number 7:

My family moved to the South for more than 10 years, since I was not born, this place is sparsely populated, the Mid-Autumn Festival has changed a bit. Instead of carrying lanterns to procession as usual, I stayed at home with my mother to decorate the five-fruit tray, prepare the feast, and tidy up the house, while my father hung lanterns on the trees in front of the house. In the evening, after the incense burned out, my mother lowered the five-fruit tray on the altar, brought out the table and chairs in the front yard, I went to light all the lanterns, my whole family gathered to break the meal, watch the moon and talk. have fun together. I like hearing the stories of my parents’ childhood, although it’s hard, it’s very interesting. The moon tonight is so beautiful, the moon is round and round, bright like a mirror, the moonlight gently shines on each scene, sometimes the wind rushes back to bring the mid-autumn air, cool and sweet, swaying it. red lanterns. I often wonder if Hang in the moon is sad, my father laughs and says that Hang will never be sad because he has Uncle Cuoi with him to celebrate Tet. That’s how my family’s Mid-Autumn Festival is, it’s not necessary to go to the lantern procession, as long as the whole family is together like today, it is already very happy and fulfilled. True to the meaning: Mid-Autumn Festival is the festival of reunion, the festival of friendship.

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