Vinnie Hacker criticized after claiming she has “no style”

TikTok star and Twitch streamer Vinnie Hacker is under fire after claiming he has “no type” – but his fans think otherwise.

Vinnie Hacker is a hugely popular influencer, boasting over 15 million followers and an incredible 1 billion likes on TikTok, along with 5 million fans on Instagram.

Vinnie too live stream on Twitch, and told us in an interview that gaming is an important part of his life beyond being a top content creator on other platforms.

In fact, Vinnie joined the gaming and entertainment organization 100 Thieves last year – but it’s safe to say that his good looks and charm are a huge part of his appeal. in addition to his gaming achievements.

Instagram: vinniehackerVinnie Hacker is a beloved figure on social media – but he’s been criticized for the type of woman he’s supposed to like.

Vinnie’s fans are always curious about his favorite type of girl when dating… but according to Vinnie, he doesn’t have any.

The TikToker shared about his hobby in a recent podcast with Fannita Leggett on August 21 after the host jokingly asked him about the topic.

“People always ask me that question and I always say I don’t have the type. Like, I don’t. People don’t seem to believe me when I say that, for some reason.”

“Are your types white girls?” Fannita asked.

“No,” Vinnie replied. “I do not have.”

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Vinnie Hacker Faces Backlash For Saying He Has No Type

Vinnie’s statement about people not believing him is true, because according to commenters, the influencer doesn’t seem to be entirely honest about the type of girl he likes.

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Fans pointed out that Vinnie seems to like blonde women with long hair and even mentioned an old TikTok of his and he joked about it years ago.

“That man is lying, he knows he has LMAO,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“He loves blondes, but he would never say it to make people like him,” another speculated.

However, others are arguing in defense of the streamer, saying that he is following various women on social media who may or may not be his interests.

Whatever the case, Vinnie continued his story – but this is not the first time he has faced accusations of this kind. Earlier this year, TikTok star Serena caused quite a bit of controversy after claiming that Vinnie unfollowed her because she didn’t have blonde hair.

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