Was Erik Hooks arrested? Military Arrests FEMA Director as Viral article explored

People were confused after hearing an article that went viral that Erik Hooks had been arrested. Has Erik Hooks been arrested? This question is swirling in everyone’s mind after “Real Raw News” reported that Erik Hooks, Deputy Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is believed to have been arrested. Real Raw News claims that the US Marines are believed to have captured Erik Hooks on Saturday, August 19, 2023. What is the source of the information? After hearing this shocking statement from Real Raw News, people were curious to know if it was true or not. So we are forced to think about this news. You are required to follow this page and complete it. Swipe down the page and see below.

Erik Hooks Army Arrests Director of FEMA

Has Erik Hooks been arrested? FEMA director military arrest

Talking about the source cited by Real Raw News, said that the source of Erik Hooks’ arrest was from the Office of General Eric M. Smith in the United States Marine Corps. The news agency also reported that FEMA’s deputy administrator, Erik Hooks, was allegedly arrested on a number of treason charges. Furthermore, the viral article also claimed that a 34-page indictment had been brought against Erik Hooks. It claims that he and his boss, Deanne Criswell, ordered FEMA agents to serve in Maui in the wake of the bushfires denying access to water, food and other relief efforts to those living. omission. Swipe down the page and read more details.

The viral article by Real Raw News also claimed that FEMA agents were also stopped by any means necessary to prevent people from leaving fire-ravaged Lahaina and disposing of dead bodies in a discriminatory manner. be treated as best as possible. After hearing that Erik Hooks was arrested, netizens on Twitter began to question whether that was true as neither FEMA nor the US Marines confirmed the arrest of Erik Hooks. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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FROM RRN AND MICHAEL BAXTER: Army Arrests FEMA Deputy Administrator Erik Hooks!!!!!!!!! AUGUST 23, 2023…… The US Marines on Saturday arrested FEMA Deputy Administrator Erik Hooks on charges of treason, alleging in a 34-page indictment that Hooks and his boss ,

– Veronica McIntosh (@cattlequeen3275) August 23, 2023

This viral article from Real Raw News gained attention on the internet with the headline “FEMA Deputy Administrator Erik Hooks Arrests Troops”. It also states that he was believed to have been arrested Saturday night at his residence in Virginia, a short distance from FEMA’s Washington DC headquarters. Furthermore, the post said he was handcuffed at midnight. Since neither FEMA nor US Maines have confirmed the arrest of FEMA deputy administrator Erik Hooks, we deny news of his arrest. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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