WATCH: Amarii Bouncer Rainton Arena Video sparks controversy online

It is known that the video recording the scene of Rainton Arena security clamping the neck of a minor made netizens terrified. Furthermore, you can clearly see her face is red. You must read the article and follow us for all the insights. Continue reading for more details. It is known that a disturbing video recording the scene of a security guard choking a minor at an under-18 event at Rainton Arena, England has spread rapidly on social networks. According to reports, the incident happened on Friday, May 19 during an event called ‘WE ARE BOUNCE’ in the Houghton le Spring area. The young girl was strangled by security staff during the event and thrown out of the venue.

Video of Amarii Bouncer Rainton Arena

Video of Amarii Bouncer Rainton Arena

Rainton Arena spoke to news outlet ChronicleLive and stated that the venue had hired a security company for the event. They added that Northumbria Police have been informed of the incident and a thorough investigation into the incident is underway. The teen’s parents have also been contacted. The gymnasium said the event was organized by parents and affirmed that it would not accept such behavior towards anyone.

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However, the video recording of the incident made netizens extremely frightened and angry. Twitter account @ detectfights shared the footage and wrote in the caption that a doorman or security guard in North East England grabbed a 14-year-old girl at an under-18 event. number of individuals took to the comment section of the clip and shared their thoughts about the same. Many reactions on the Internet about Security choking a teenager at the Rainton Arena event. Keep reading to learn the same.

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Video of Amarii Bouncer Rainton Arena

Most people who watched the clip condemned the security guard’s actions. They argued that the man could have used other methods to get the underage teenager out of the event at Rainton Arena. They believe that it is not right to lay hands on someone, regardless of the situation. Some people also criticized the security guard as a human being and said that if he strangled a child in public, he might have done the same to other women.

Video of Amarii Bouncer Rainton Arena

Rainton Arena shared in a Facebook post on May 20 that the venue, along with the teenager’s parents, reviewed all CCTV footage. The child’s parents are currently in contact with the Security company hired for the event. The company terminated the employment of the security guard who strangled a minor. Furthermore, in April 2023, a daycare worker at Oxon Hill Center in Maryland, United States, was fired for child abuse. A video of her abusing children at a daycare center went viral on social media and parents were shocked by the incident.

Video of Amarii Bouncer Rainton Arena

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