WATCH: Bowling Green Kentucky bar video surfaced stunned internet

Recently, a video about the Bowling Green Kentucky bar made all netizens shocked and shocked. Here’s everything you need to know about viral videos and related news stories. Read more articles and follow us for more detailed information. A Kentucky couple was arrested at the Bowling Green Brew Co. underground bar. after performing a sexual act in a public place. The video of the two being intimate spread quickly on social networking platforms. Netizens and witnesses were stunned by the incident, with many expressing their outrage online. Continue reading for more details.

Video of Bowling Green Kentucky bar

Video of Bowling Green Kentucky bar

In the viral video clip of Bowling Green, Shonda Clark and Steven Brown can be seen standing next to each other. The latter proceeds to place his hands on his partner’s buttocks. The couple proceeded to drop their pants and engage in inappropriate activities. Everyone present in the bar was extremely shocked by this scene. Police attended the location at around 11.18pm on Friday, May 5, when the incident occurred. When they arrived at the scene, two people were said to be screaming on the sidewalk. The 47-year-old woman and 49-year-old man continued to be arrested.

Police records identify Brown as Clark’s male friend, while Clark is recognized as his girlfriend. Police believe the couple was under the influence of alcohol. They were then taken to Warren County Regional Jail, where they face a second-degree charge of disorderly conduct and also face a charge of public drunkenness. Netizens reacted to the recent Bowling Green incident and showed their terrible reactions. Internet users were horrified by what happened. Many of them couldn’t believe that the couple couldn’t wait to enter a private location. Some netizens noted that they felt uncomfortable with the video and some of them created funny memes related to the event.

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Video of Bowling Green Kentucky bar

I didn’t realize the nightlife scene in Bowling Green was what it was…

– Matt Jones (@KySportsRadio) May 9, 2023

Bowling Green was wild when I went West, but that was on another level! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

— Catilla Trent (@_catilla) May 9, 2023

— Clay Manlove (@ctmanlove58) May 8, 2023

Someone needs to bring their parents into the house.

– Debbie (@CruisingDonkey2) May 9, 2023

Sir, this is Wendy’s

— Michael T. (@MT28142129) May 9, 2023

— Jay Lynn (@JayLynn10446862) May 9, 2023

– Serena (@TheLiberalVol) May 9, 2023

— Chris Johnson (@chrisj5597) May 9, 2023

— TennVFL99🍊🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 (@TVfl99) May 9, 2023

– Jacob (@JacobNickles36) May 9, 2023

Family reunions are wild!

– Michael Hunter (@MrMikey615) May 9, 2023

Initially, the video uploaded to TikTok was taken down by the social media platform. However, it continues to appear on Twitter. It is understood that the duo who were questioned were released from prison on Saturday morning. Clark is a resident of Alvaton while Brown is believed to be from Glasgow. This is not the only video that has made netizens sick in recent days. Not long ago, a harrowing clip of a cat locked in a blender went viral online. It has since been revealed that the person behind the act has been arrested. Another video of a dog injured after being attacked by a screwdriver also went viral online.

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