WATCH: Empress Njamah Leaked Video sparks outrage on internet as nigerian actress goes viral

The Nigerian actress has been embroiled in the Queen Njamah affair. Read this entire post if you want more information about her popular video. Queen Njamah is a famous actress from Nigeria who is famous for her roles in films including Liberian Girl, Missing Angel and Girls Hostel. Since 1995, Njamah has been actively involved in the entertainment business and through her outstanding efforts, she has become famous. Currently everyone is curious to learn more about her scandal. The information in today’s article is based entirely on the sources referenced for this article.

Queen Njamah

Leaked video of Queen Njamah

Actress Queen Njamah was recently in the news and it all started when people started looking for her scandal. Not to mention, in early 2023, a private video of her taking a shower in the bathroom went viral on social networks. Likewise, another video purporting to show Njamah exposing himself was also shared. According to reports, Nicholas Jack Davis, aka George Wade, her ex-partner, is known to have recorded and posted the video. Njamah claimed in December 2022 that her ex-boyfriend abused her and used nude tapes she shared with him as leverage to blackmail her. According to reports, Nicholas blackmailed her.

Queen Njamah

He then apparently created a WhatsApp group and released the video, which quickly went viral and left everyone stunned. The viral video of Queen Njamah from 2023 is still circulating online. According to her ex-partner, with whom she had a romantic relationship, it went viral. Nicholas, her ex-partner, uploaded the video to a WhatsApp group and it was later spread on Twitter and Reddit among other social media platforms. Everyone was startled when the film was shared, and they immediately started searching for the viral video, which is easy to find on Twitter.

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Queen Njamah

As of now, fake videos using the actress’s identity have been created to gain views for their posts. As mentioned before, videos of the Queen bathing and exposing herself to the camera were all recorded. A new development in the Queen Njamah scandal is the arrest of the individual responsible for distributing the video. Before sharing the video, Nicholas Jack Davis blackmailed the actress. A social media video showing the man being detained went viral in April 2023. Liberian police announced the arrest of Nicholas at a public location after receiving complaints from many Women fell for his scam.

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