WATCH: Karan Sangwan Unacademy viral video ‘Vote for a literate, not one who only changes names’

This is the realm of e-learning platforms and Unacademy is one of the leading e-learning platforms in the country. Being a tutor at Unacademy is a great honor in itself. But a great job also comes with great responsibilities. Recently, a tutor at Unacademy became a topic of discussion when he urged students to vote for an educated politician. The incident became quite controversial when the Unacademy teacher said to vote for highly educated politicians, not for politicians who only focus on changing their names. Educators further emphasize voting for individuals with a strong academic background. Now the Unacademy educationist’s call to vote for only educated politicians has become the talk of the town. He is feeling the heat of criticism as people condemn him for his advice to children. Who is he? Find out more details below. Please continue reading this article. Scroll down the page.

Karan Sangwan Unacademy's viral video

Karan Sangwan Unacademy’s viral video

The Unacademy teacher who is facing a wave of harsh criticism is identified as Karan Sangwan. He stirred up a debate with his proposal to the students. In fact, a video of an Unacademy teacher is going viral on Twitter formerly known as X. In the viral X video, Karan Sangwan can be heard advising students not to vote for politicians who only focus on change name. He advised them to elect highly educated politicians. Know who Karan Sangwan is in the next part.

Karan Sangwan is a teacher at Unacademy. He holds an LLM Criminal Law degree. He was discussing the latest bill proposed by the BJP in the Lok Sabha to replace the Indian Penal Code, the Indian Evidence Act and the British-era Code of Criminal Procedure. The tutor expressed his disappointment at the bill proposed by the BJP: “Even I don’t know whether to laugh or cry because I also have a lot of actions, details and bare notes that I have prepared. It’s hard work for everyone. You also have an important decision to make.” Skip to the next section and read more details.

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Sangwan asserted in Hindi, known as “Educated, knowledgeable person. Don’t elect someone who only knows how to change his name. Make your decision correctly.” Now people are accusing Unacademy teachers of promoting political propaganda under the guise of education. Some people also supported him because one person said that everything he said regarding the election of educated politicians was true and correct.

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