WATCH: Londonderry school teacher controversy audio berating Muslim students goes viral

Religion is one of the most sensitive topics. Therefore, it is necessary to consider people’s feelings before sharing any thoughts about it. Otherwise, one can fall prey to backlash and a lot of controversy. One such teacher was in the news after courting controversy after her recording went viral, sparking debate on social media. According to reports, Canada’s Londonderry School went viral after a teacher scolded Muslim students for skipping the school’s LGBTQ Pride events. A student recorded the teacher’s speech and posted it online.

Londonderry School

Controversial audio of Londonderry school teacher

This audio clip quickly spread on social networks and attracted a lot of attention. People are sharing this video online and giving their comments on it. Now after witnessing so much controversy, the school has released a statement seemingly declaring that the teacher will not be held responsible for his actions. This issue has angered social media users and they are sharing their thoughts about it. This audio clip was first posted on Twitter and within seconds it went viral on other platforms. As of now, it has more than one million views.

In the viral recording, an educator can be heard scolding Muslim students for not showing interest and participating in school Pride activities. The teacher states in the recording that “If you think it’s acceptable to not show up because you think it’s something… then there are Pride activities going on at school, right? ‘Oh, that’s okay because I’ll consider my opinion by hanging out at the mall. She added that students who were celebrating Pride month were also in class when Ranadan was commemorated.

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Londonderry School

The identity of the teacher is still unknown as there is only audio and no clip and that is why we currently have no details about the suspect teacher. The teacher went on to describe how other countries have strict laws against the LGBTQ community and gave the example of Uganda. “We believe in freedom,” she said. We believe that individuals have the right to marry whoever they want. It’s in the law. And if you don’t think that’s the law then you can’t be a Canadian citizen. You don’t belong here and I mean what I’m saying.”

This is the school’s response, there will be no consequences for her behavior as she will be protected under the evil program of trans grooming in schools

– Aisha (@HaqqMusaafir) June 6, 2023

A teacher at Londonderry Middle School in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, reprimands Muslim students who skip school to avoid LGBTQ Pride

– Hussein Ebrahim (@therealhebrahim) June 6, 2023

Fascists and Bigoted are called “liberals”.

— Top Cryptocurrencies (@Cryptoversifi) June 6, 2023

They build an ethical framework that focuses on inclusion, but if one does not adhere to their predetermined standards,

Do they exclude you?

– Ahmad (@soroshelahi) June 6, 2023

Why force people to sympathize with you?

— Eniola President Daniel 💙 (@UnlimitedEniola) June 6, 2023

She should be fired immediately. Religion and LGBTQ2+ are not the same. Edmonton parents need to protest strongly

— trudy kwasny (@coutza) June 7, 2023

Our only hope is God’s intervention.

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– Indict Biden (@IndictBiden) June 7, 2023

Pride is now a religion 🤦‍♀️

– Anonymous (@Synchromisty) June 6, 2023

Taking your child out of school is the only move available.

– Priest Michael (@Priest15616548) June 7, 2023

They’re basically telling kids to compromise their religion. Well, they can do the most Canadian thing ever and politely say NO!

– Mohamed El-Gazzar (@MohamedElGazzr) June 6, 2023

Bigger question…

Why do they want children to be LGBTQ so badly? This has nothing to do with acceptance or creating a “safe space.”

It is religion masquerading as virtue.

– Awake (@WakeAwake1) June 6, 2023

Tolerance by force is just fascism with additional steps

– TweetMongery (@MongeryTweet) June 6, 2023

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