WATCH: Patna Viral Video Railway Station Original Clip Without Blur Circulated On Internet

Nowadays, everything is online from buying big to small things. People are completely dependent on the Internet because it is the solution to every problem. But everyone knows that with everything good there is also something bad and how they use it is up to each person. There are many idiots and eccentrics who are using the Internet for improper purposes despite knowing the consequences. It is obvious that giving access to the Internet to some stupid people is not good because such people only use technology for the wrong reasons and now it is time for cybersecurity to apply the rules and penalty.

Viral video of Patna railway station

Viral video of Patna railway station

You all must be thinking that why are we saying this and what happened to make the world pay attention to India. No, no, this time it’s not for a good reason but for a shocking reason. Just imagine you are standing at the train station waiting for the train and suddenly your eyes look at the TV screen showing NSFW content, how do you feel? It was shocking, because there were many children, old people, women and many others present at the station and such scenes could have upset them. According to reports, hundreds of passengers, including children and women, were extremely shocked when they saw the railway announcement. A television screen shows pornography on crowded platform 10 on Sunday morning, March 19, 2023.

Viral video of Patna railway station

This incident happened in Patna Junction but it attracted the attention of the whole world. Everyone was quite surprised after hearing this news and wanted to know how it happened. Additionally, 2 separate police complaints have been filed against Messrs M Dutta Studio Company Pvt Limited under the IT Act and RPF Act and the process has begun to blacklist the company. This type of negligence or we can say criminal behavior of the company cannot be ignored and public opinion is demanding strict action against the company as well as the suspects responsible for this. Reports say the obscene blue film appeared on the screen for about 3 minutes from 09:56 am to 10:00 am. If many passengers do not complain to the authorities, it will not be reported.

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The viral video of Patna railway station is not blurred

This is quite a serious matter and even the public does not want to let it be ignored. This has caused outrage among the people and demands for strict handling. Prakash Kumar Panda, senior commander of Danapur RPF said Patna RPF immediately started taking action and placed FIR against the company under the RPC Act. The agency is based in Kolkata and is contracted to make regular TV screen announcements about trains arriving and departing at the Patna Interchange.

Viral video of Patna railway station

He stated that “Railways have canceled their contract with the agency and summoned their officials to Patna RPF headquarters to further investigate this serious matter.” Reports say the operator is on the run after the unacceptable incident and that the police are looking for him if he does not arrive before the Railway Police team, railway security will apply for an arrest warrant. him and others. of the agency involved in such an evil act.

Original Clip of Patna Railway Station Viral Video

According to Sushil Kumar, Patna RPF Inspector, the incident happened while Danapur Prabhat Kumar was visiting for inspection purposes at Patna Junction. But suddenly an RPF man informed him about showing a por* clip on the station’s TV screen. DRM immediately ordered an investigation and ordered the relevant commercial officials to cancel the contract between the agent and the railway industry. Patna RPF posted a post regarding it along with a video clip as evidence of the incident.

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As we said, the investigation has been started and the police are looking for the operator believed to be responsible for this act. In addition, the clip is said to have been intentionally recorded by a passenger, and a blurred version has been circulated online. There are many people who are looking for a link to the viral incident but due to the offensive content can’t watch online if anyone is caught watching such a video then they may be doing criminal activities so it’s better not to so advertising such things could get you into trouble.

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In addition, there are many people who want to know the identity of the operator, so they have to wait because the police have not shared any information related to this. Our source is trying to contact the agency responsible for this mischievous act but they are not ready to talk about it. We are trying to get more information regarding this matter and as soon as we receive anything, we will announce it here. Until then stay connected with us and we will be back soon.

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