WATCH: Princess Owusu-Ansah video woman stabbed friend and threw boiling water on her over cheating claims

In a recent news report, it was reported that an 18-year-old Ghanaian woman, Princess Owusu Ansah was sentenced to three years in prison by a UK court for violently attacking her friend. The princess is said to have poured boiling water on her friend and stabbed her, allegedly in response to cheating allegations involving her boyfriend. You must read the entire article to know the full truth about the story. Stay tuned with us for all the details. Continue reading for more details.

Video of Princess Owusu-Ansah

Princess Owusu-Ansah video

A sad and gruesome episode occurred when a video clip shot by Owusu Ansah on her mobile phone went viral on Snapchat. The video shows the victim huddled under a blanket, screaming in pain as Owusu Ansah throws a kettle of boiling water on her. Before the assault, Owusu Ansah was said to have accused her friend of having sex with someone else’s partner and acting as if she could escape the consequences. After delivering a series of punches, she picked up a silver knife, smashed it against the radiator before stabbing the victim in the leg.

The attack occurred on February 2, 2023, at the victim’s residence in Dog Kennel Estate, Dulwich. Finally escaping, the injured woman fled into the street and was later treated at Kings College Hospital for non-life-threatening stab wounds. Members of the public who saw the disturbing video on Snapchat quickly alerted the Metropolitan Police. In March, Owusu Ansah, from Royston, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm and criminal damage during an appearance at London Inner Crown Court. In a subsequent court appearance on March 9, Ansah received a three-year prison sentence for brutal assault.

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Video of Princess Owusu-Ansah

Princess Owusu-Ansah stabbed her friend and threw boiling water on her for claiming fraud

Princess Owusu Ansah is an 18-year-old Ghanaian living in England who caused shock after throwing hot water on a woman and stabbing her for allegedly sleeping with her man. The Princess remains at Royston, Hertfordshire. She carried out the Dog Kennel Hill attack in South London. She counted Royston and Accra. It is known that Ghana is her homeland and she attended Meridian School. According to multiple reports, the stabbing occurred at the Dog Kennel Hill Estate in South London on Thursday, February 2 and is believed to be the result of a dispute between a man.

Video of Princess Owusu-Ansah

In the viral video, Owusu Ansah is said to have first poured boiling water on his friend before proceeding to stab her multiple times. The video quickly spread on social networks, leading to public outrage and a mild response from the police. The victim’s injuries are not considered life-threatening and police have asked the public to stop spreading this video. The investigation into the stabbing is ongoing and Ansah is due to appear in court in the coming days.

Princess Owusu-Ansah videoPrincess Owusu-Ansah video

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