WATCH: Ruby Docherty on Train OG Video sparks outrage online

Here we will share with you the news about Ruby Docherty video on Train Og. A video has gone viral and people are curious to know about the real incident. This news is spreading online and attracting everyone’s attention. This video has raised several questions in everyone’s mind. A video did not arrive the first time. This type has appeared many times and received people’s attention. People are turning to search engines to get all the details about the news. What happened? What’s the whole point? We will try to provide you with all the information. Let’s continue the article.

Video of Ruby Docherty on the OG train

Video of Ruby Docherty on the OG train

According to reports, Ruby Docherty is said to be a TikTok user, whose name has become a hot topic online in the past few days. People are talking about the news and they are trying to know the whole issue. This started when a video of Docherty on the train went viral on various social media platforms. There are still some things to tell you about the news which you will find in the next part of the article.

On the basis of reports, Ruby appeared to have been involved in a verbal altercation with a woman on the train. According to reports, the incident happened in London. People on the train recorded a video and it was uploaded to TikTok. You can now download videos on several platforms, including Twitter. Now, people are raising some questions about the incident. What is the actual incident? What are the circumstances? It was reported that Docherty had previously been involved in a verbal altercation with a woman on a train in London. Scroll down the page for more information about the news.

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Based on the report, Docherty became agitated when another woman on the train explained to her that she should not vape. The train full of people and two women can be seen getting into an argument in the video. You can see in the video that Ruby asks the woman’s age and she replies that she is 27. You can hear Ruby cursing at the guy. Millions of people have watched the video multiple times. We have shared all the news details that we got from other sources to create this article for our readers. Please follow us for more updates.

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