WATCH: Video Shows Woman Being Dragged Into Tornado

A piece of news going viral on social media is related to a video. Everyone knows that videos are the most trending news these days and most of the news is related to them. Most of the viral videos involve NSFW content but this time the matter is different and the latest viral video is showing destruction that may give you goosebumps while watching. In the past few months, in many parts of the world, many countries have faced natural disasters that have caused a lot of damage as well as loss of life.


The woman was pulled into the tornado

The entire world is facing a number of problems and now these natural disasters are increasing tensions in the world. Most natural disasters cause a lot of destruction and many people even lost their lives this time. Viral video shows a woman being pulled into a tornado. According to reports, over the weekend, a series of severe storms and tornadoes swept through the South and Midwest, causing widespread power outages, damage, and even vehicle overturns.

The woman from Little Rock, Arkansas was filming Tornado for TikTok when she was hit directly and sucked off a building into a parking lot…

– Southland Post (@SouthlandPost) April 2, 2023

Many videos related to this natural disaster have been posted online, but among them, one video shows a woman in Little Rock, Arkansas, being pulled out of a building by a tornado. These videos were first posted on Twitter and later, they went viral on other platforms. On Twitter alone, this video has been viewed more than 920,000 times. Reports say the tornado hit Friday and meteorologists must find out what happened at the time of the tornado, which they say passed about 32 miles across Little Rock.

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The woman was pulled into the tornadoThe woman was pulled into the tornado

Unofficial reports say many people have died and this number is constantly increasing. About 26 people are believed to have died. Four people died in the small town of Wynne, Arkansas. At this place much destruction occurred and the entire town was in mourning. Investigators said more than 2,600 buildings were destroyed in the series of tornadoes. Others were not as lucky as the woman captured in the video, who was able to survive. Reports added that in the Little Rock area, 1 person was killed and 50 others were injured, some of them seriously.

The woman was pulled into the tornadoThe woman was pulled into the tornado

The damage in this tornado is a stark reminder of the severity and danger of natural disasters and the importance of taking safety measures to protect yourself and your community. We are waiting for official information regarding this issue. In addition, there were many people who wanted the link to this viral video and who shared it with each other.

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