What does swatted mean? Dangerous criminals target Twitch streamers

IShowSpeed ​​attacked online by armed police officers

Several streamers, including IShowSpeed, Adin Ross and xQc have been subject to ‘swapping’ during their live streams. However, what does ‘swatted’ mean and why is it trending towards Twitch streamers? Here’s everything you need to know.

Getting noticed by the public as a big-name streamer certainly has its own perks. However, more and more influencers are putting their safety at risk by online trolls.

Some live streamers have had their personal information leaked by doxxers on the internet. Others were left terrified after their homes were invaded by stalkers.

However, one of the most serious crimes that is worryingly increasing in the streaming community is ‘swapping’. This is why it is so dangerous.

What is exchange?

In August 2022, YouTuber IShowSpeed ​​was handcuffed by police after his home was vandalized in the middle of his live stream. It comes less than a day after popular Twitch streamer Adin Ross was similarly attacked live when armed police stormed his home and was understandably traumatized by the experience.

Fusey also had issues with viewers calling the police to arrest him. After being called by police to the restaurant he was staying at after a viewer called about a “bomb threat”, Fusey took to Twitter the next day begging fans to stop calling the police on him. .

To get a ‘trade-off’, a troll is first required to find the address or location of the streamer. They then place a fraudulent phone call to emergency services and falsely warn them of some sort of extreme violence at the creator’s address, in hopes of prompting an armed response. page – hence the name ‘SWAT’ group.

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As a result, a streamer may unexpectedly discover his or her home is being raided by gun-wielding police, often believing they are about to find a creepy crime scene rather than a streamer playing a game. Twitch streamers are targeted because it means trolls can watch the action unfold on the stream in front of thousands of people.

Twitch: The xQcTwitch xQc star revealed that he frequently changes locations to avoid getting hit after multiple incidents.

Countless streamers have fallen victim to the swap, most notably xQc, Amouranth, Summit1g, Pokimane, and Ice Poseidon.

Punishment for beating

While some consider beatings a joke, it is a dangerous crime that puts the lives of streamers and their loved ones in grave danger. Not to mention a complete waste of the emergency services’ time, which could be used to deal with truly life-threatening situations.

In one prominent case, a Call of Duty player defeated an opponent after losing a match. The police went to another address and shot dead a man completely unrelated to the situation.

The smasher responsible for this scam call and many others, Tyler Bariss, was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Twitch as well as emergency services have released multiple statements condemning the move and offering guidance on how influencers can help protect themselves. However, the frequent theft of streamers continues to be worrisome.

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