What happened to Aaliyah Crosby in Love Is Blind Season 5?

After an unsuccessful journey in season 5 of Love Is Blind, Aaliyah Crosby has finally found her true love and embarked on a new career.

One of the main contestants to watch out for in Love Is Blind Season 5 is Aaliyah Crosby.

Despite being one of the few people to attend the special reunion, she has yet to experience a marriage or engagement.

After her relationship with Uche Okoroha fell apart, Aaliyah decided to cut her journey short and became the first person to voluntarily leave the season.

Since Season 5 released, several cast members have pursued their careers further. Both Taylor Rue and Stacey Snyder have released special merchandise based on their LIB experiences.

That being said, what is Aaliyah doing now? Is she in a relationship with someone new? The reality TV star is still busy and has a full schedule.

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What is Love Is Blind’s Aaliyah doing?

Aaliyah is currently pursuing a music career under the stage name Aa.

She has released two songs so far, most recently ‘JLYL.’ In fact, her former co-star Johnnie was featured in the single’s music video.

As for her dating life, Aaliyah seems to be happy being in a relationship with a guy she didn’t meet on the show.

“The way this man fell into me and loved me. He doesn’t care. He never judges anything I say to him. I’m in a great place with the people I’m with because I know it’s true. I know it’s real. It was the treatment I deserved all along,” she said in an interview.

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Aaliyah’s blind flame, Uche, hasn’t posted any photos on social media suggesting he’s moved on to a new woman.

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