What happened to Adam Kodra from Below Deck Down Under Season 2? Shoot explain

Deckhand Adam Kodra has just become the third member of Below Deck Down Under Season 2 to be fired.

Underneath the Deck Down Under was burned. From Bosun Luke Jones to flight attendant Laura Bileskane, wrongdoings have immediate consequences. And it’s not over yet.

Another crew member received support from Captain Jason Chambers. And that is none other than Deckhand Adam Kodra.

Debuting in Season 2, it was his first TV appearance and he instantly became a fan favorite. That makes his shooting much more difficult.

Why was Adam Kodra of Below Deck Down Under fired?

In episode 13 season 2, Adam Kodra was officially gone. The main cause was that he was blamed for an anchor accident.

He mistakenly dropped the anchor into the water, causing $1,000 in damage to the yacht.

Although the new Bosun João Franco tried to benefit him when in doubt, Captain Jason didn’t want to risk holding Adam for another day.

The helmsman took the news like a champ and left with his head held high outside, but admitted he regretted his mooring mistake.

“I can not believe it. I learned a lot and I had a lot of fun. Too bad it’s truncated. I completely messed up. You have no one to blame but yourself,” Adam said in Episode 13.

Adam’s dismissal makes him the third crew member this season to be let go. However, fans don’t think it’s over and speculate that there could be more shootings to come. Could Deckhand Culver Bradbury be next?

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