What happened to David Dobrik? YouTuber disappears from platform after big comeback

After his epic return to YouTube in 2021, David Dobrik hasn’t posted on the video platform since March 2022. This has left fans wondering what happened to him.

David Dobrik is one of the biggest YouTubers of all time, with a whopping 17.7 million subscribers on the video sharing site.

Although he still has a large fan base on YouTube, the Slovakian-born internet star hasn’t posted since March 2022, and subscribers are curious why his channel has been inactive for so long.

Here’s everything we know about what he’s up to.

What happened to David Dobrik?

It looks like the 27-year-old may have shifted his focus from posting to his YouTube channel to completely different endeavors.

Instagram: daviddobrikDavid Dobrik is an extremely popular YouTuber – but lately, his channel has gone dark.

Dobrik is set to launch pizza business ‘Doughbrik’s’ on November 12, 2022.

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He also stated that he tested pizza flavors for “months” before opening, and this may have been one of the main reasons why he retreated from making videos.

Even though David doesn’t update his YouTube channel, he is still more active on his Instagram and Snapchat.

His most recent Instagram post was published in November 2023 and was posted on Doughbrik’s first anniversary. Most of his other articles also feature collaborations with other companies. Even so, he also updates his 10.7 million followers on his life and recently posted photos of his 27th birthday party.

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The YouTuber also continues to face the consequences of injuring friend and former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek in a 2020 incident where the 32-year-old was injured in the crane Dobrik was driving.

Wittek was seriously injured and underwent multiple surgeries to try to save the sight in his eye. On June 22, Wittek filed a lawsuit against The Vlog Squad leader alleging $10 million in damages, and publicly denounced their friendship and labeled him “scum”.

Jeff Wittek next to David DobrikInstagram: jeff / YouTube: VIEWS Jeff Wittek announced that he and David Dobrik are no longer friends.

The owner of ‘Doughbrik’s’ has also had to deal with public sexual assault allegations against former Vlog Squad member Dominykas ‘Durte Dom’ Zeglaitis.

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After the allegations surfaced, all of Dobrik’s YouTube channels were demonetized by the platform and he lost many sponsorships. Despite this, after retiring from the platform, he made a successful comeback in mid-2021 which saw him return to prominence.

Even though his channel is still very popular, David hasn’t posted in quite some time and fans are wondering when he’ll make his big return.

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