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After the news of Moonbin’s death, news about other people surfaced again. Korean actor Goo Hara is best known for Hara’s death that seems to happen again. The public always wants to remember their favorite Idols and actors and losing them can be very painful for them. But they always like to remember them and try to preserve those memories. After the news of Hara’s death broke, fans are taking to the internet to know about her and her life while she was alive. Some people are also concerned about her death. They want to know what happened to her. So to know more keep reading.

Goo Hara

What happened to Goo Hara?

Goo Hara is famous in the industry as Hara. She is a very talented Korean actress and not only that she is also a singer and appeared in many dramas. City Hunters was a turning point for her as an actress. She is known as a member of the K-pop girl group Kara. In July 2015, Hara made her solo debut with the release of her EP song, Alohara (Can You Feel It?). After gaining fame, she started her solo career at KeyEast, another company. Her solo career sadly came to a halt in 2018 when her name appeared in a legal dispute with her ex-boyfriend.

Goo Hara

As you know, multi-talented and successful artist Moonbin has left the Korean entertainment industry. So now we have more news about Goo Hara’s death emerging. Hara committed suicide when she was 28 years old. On November 24, 2019, the actress was found dead at her residence. Additionally, her housekeeper found her dead that day. Fans have lost another great musician in the profession, but everyone here is concerned about why these famous performers committed suicide.

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Goo Hara

Many K-pop stars, including Hara, commit suicide every year and recently, everyone is remembering them. Fans blame K-pop’s popularity and the contracts they sign with various companies for causing idols physical, mental and emotional difficulties. The departure of musicians leaves fans mourning. Since continuing to be bound by individual revocation contracts and all their rights and decisions does not seem simple, everyone remembers the stars who have passed away with their own breath. As a result, fans are currently debating the needs of K-pop fame, developing a Korean pop “idol,” in the K-pop industry as well as mental and physical health .

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