What happened to Kez from ‘Wecricket’? Why did he leave the Youtube Channel?

The weCricket YouTube channel, founded by Dan Jadzevics and Kieran ‘Kez’ Hornsby, recently released a statement informing their audience that the channel will be “indefinitely paused”. In response, numerous fans flooded the comments section, expressing their well wishes and gratitude. On April 8th, Jadzevics provided an update stating that Kez had permanently left the channel.

With a current subscriber count of 408,000 on YouTube, weCricket has established itself as a popular cricket channel, renowned for its outstanding and unique cricket content. The channel has collaborated with several professional players, including England’s Adil Rashid and Pakistan’s Imam-ul-Haq, in their viral videos.

The channel’s motto, “Try to make cricket fun,” has clearly resonated with audiences, as evidenced by the warm response to their recent announcement.

WeCricket gained recognition and a dedicated following quickly due to its engaging and insightful cricket content. The channel offers a unique blend of match analysis, player interviews, and entertaining discussions, which has captivated fans and fostered a sense of community among cricket enthusiasts. The charismatic hosts of WeCricket, along with their ability to deliver content that resonates with fans, have helped establish the channel as a reliable source of cricket-related entertainment.


The announcement of WeCricket being paused came as a shock to fans who had been eagerly anticipating new content from the channel. However, the reason behind this decision is still unclear. This unforeseen failure has left fans frustrated, wondering about the future of their favorite cricket-focused YouTube channel and the fate of the content they love and trust.

Impact on a dedicated fan base

The impact of WeCricket’s outage not only affects the channel, but also its loyal fan base. The followers eagerly waiting for new videos, engaging discussions and unique insights are now no longer experiencing their cricket watching. WeCricket’s lack of content has disrupted the sense of connection and community that has been cultivated among fans, leaving many frustrated and looking forward to the return of their favorite channel.

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WeCricket’s popularity and subsequent response to the suspension highlight the important role sports entertainment plays on platforms like YouTube. Cricket enthusiasts turn to channels like WeCricket to enhance their viewing experience, gain valuable insights and engage in discussions with other fans. The absence of such content affects not only individuals, but also speaks to the power of online communities in shaping the way fans interact with and experience their favorite sport.

Hope for the future

Despite the temporary setback, WeCricket fans are still hoping for the return of the channel and a revival of the content they love. The support from fans on social media platforms demonstrates the appreciation and deep connection they feel for WeCricket. Followers eagerly await updates and announcements, holding out hope that WeCricket will return triumphantly, rekindle their passion for sport and rekindle the once-strong sense of community.

WeCricket’s Legacy Resilience

While the current hiatus may disappoint you, it is important to acknowledge WeCricket’s lasting legacy. The channel’s influence on the cricket community and its capacity to unite fans should not be underestimated. WeCricket’s captivating content, distinctive viewpoint, and commitment to delivering top-notch sports entertainment have made a lasting impact on the hearts of fans. Regardless of the duration of this absence, the channel’s legacy will continue to resonate within the cricket community.

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